Friday, January 7, 2011

Too Much Information About ME!!!!!!!

Wow....way too much time has gone by for you all not to hear about ME!!!! Well much to everyone's relief (I am sure) I am back with much.... probably too much information (thus the name of the blog) about me!

I heard somewhere (or maybe I am just making this up) that the first of January is the most optimistic time of year. Everything is new, everything looks bright and it seems that we shed ourselves of our less than stellar attitudes, actions and acquaintances of the past year and prepare to move on to the new improved us. The most depressive time of year is the 15th of January (again possibly made up....but go with it)....because this is when we realize that the only thing that has really changed is the date on the calendar. Everything else has pretty much remained the same with the possible exception that we are now starting to get the credit card statements from the we are further in debt than when the old year ended.

Why these harsh mid month realizations???? Because somewhere in the back of our minds we have the deluded belief that things are just going to magically change because the calendar flips to a new year. We seem to forget that you get what you give and if you are just sitting back waiting for "the change" well.....if it hasn't worked in the last 2.5 years....what makes you think it is going to start now?

But I between the first and the 15th we suddenly realize that our bank accounts have NOT grown, our waistlines HAVE. Our kids are not suddenly angels, our job did not suddenly become a Fortune 500 company with benefits out the wazoo, we are not younger or better looking.....and it is winter. Or maybe that is all just me. At any rate, change did not just suddenly happen with no effort on my part.

My mid January crisis seems to have come early this year. It started with my children showing me that regardless of how much I wanted to believe differently....the only halo's that adorned their heads were the ones held up by their pre-existing horns. Yesterday was realization two, that little had changed with the changing of the year. I went to Weight Watchers  ( will be hearing literally TONS about WW in the future) and don't you know....I gained 4.6 lbs.! I laugh at the 4.6 lbs because when my WW leader weighed me....she and I both knew that if I even sucked in air that the scales would round off to a nice even 5, but the fact that I refused to breath was the only thing that got me her positive, "Well you didn't gain 5lbs!" compliment. All I could think was......Really????

Now I blame no one for the indiscretions of the past two weeks......except for maybe RD's for making those wonderful habit forming hamburgers, or possibly that Cheesecake Bit....errr....I mean Chick....who leaves those stinking cheesecakes around the house, or the cinnamon roll fairy who magically put fresh baked warm cinnamon rolls in my oven, oh and let us not forget Taco Bell, Sonic, and McDonald's. But other than that....I take full responsibility for my actions. much as I would like to say my weight gain was a group effort....the fact is the only real exercise I got over Christmas break was lifting food to my face and then chewing! Telling myself that a Hot Rod Burger is zero points.....obviously caught up with me.

The positive in all this muddle of mid January blah is that I started my healthy lifestyle change back in May. My weight was at an all time high and I felt like ten kinds of doo doo. I started in the gym and began by working out 30 min. a day and gradually increased from there. All my numbers dropped including scale, waist size, blood pressure and cholesterol.  I did well until school started and then everyone elses schedules and my work out schedules didn't mesh. Excuse? Maybe.....but I was not finding enough hours in the day. At that point I had lost 15 lbs and was not willing to let go of my progress, so I started WW. It was the first time my little town (Mulvane) had a group and I jumped at the chance to join. Since Sept. I have played with another 5-10 lb loss (5 right now) and this is without working the program like I should. Yesterday showed me though....that even though I gained, it was not a shock. I was aware of my body, what I had been putting into it, how I was feeling, how my clothes were fitting and my attitude. And best of all....being that in tune and knowing what I was facing on the scales.....I still was willing to go back. And not only go back....but next week starts a new session and I am resigning up (anyone want to sign up with me?). This tells me that I might just be willing to put in the work this time, because that 25 lbs loss felt pretty good and the 20 still feels good too. Guess this means that RD's and I will not be seeing each other for awhile. I do hope that RD's can go on without me! I get to face my bills. I KNOW nothing has changed there. I still make squat and everyone in the country wants their share of nothing. Luckily....that is what some will get this month.....NOTHING! Should be fun for all of us. That's okay....the kids have been rotten....they don't need tv anyway, or the internet, or phone service....and I am debating about electricity and water. Food we will have. lol

So comes down to this.....there is little I can do about winter and nothing I can do about 2010, but I can maybe make some things change in 2011 with a little bit of effort, a little bit of restraint and a whole lot of humor. Wish me luck....cause you KNOW.....I will keep you posted!

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