Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving On

I am in the middle of day TWO without any diet pop. I am surrounded by it both at home and work....and yet not a delightful sip has passed my lips. Will this trend keep knows. I am sure that I will not go cold turkey and with the weekend upon is a good bet that I will break down and enjoy a little of the dew, but for now, I am taking my little day and a half victory and running with it.

In other news, I got my mammogram results today and everything looked good. I still see the specialist on Monday, but at least now there is no excruciating waiting through the weekend. I was so relieved that I almost cried. Luckily....I was at work when the news came....and I make it a point to not cry in front of there you go!

So went to my WW meeting last night and I had gained the dreaded .6 lb back. How do I keep gaining and losing just .6 of a pound???? The down side is....hard as I tried not to, there was some stress eating going on last week. Upside....I didn't gain more than .6 of a pound. Again....I take my victories where I can.

The meeting was very interesting last night (perhaps because I paid attention). Low and behold.....the diet pop issue was talked about and during my lament about having no vices other than diet pop and it not being good friend outed my non-soft drink drinking habits (yes...that one time a year I like to cut loose)! That's the last time I drink her liquor and play her cards at her house! I'll show her! Anyway....where was I? Oh yeah... I actually learned a few things at the meeting. Our leader really focused on hunger (real and imagined) and why food doesn't always keep us feeling full. One thing she brought up is the old saying we have all heard for years....Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Now I do usually eat breakfast. Sometimes it is cereal and sometimes it is yogurt, but that is usually the most I eat. Sue(our leader) suggested we eat things with protein such as eggs, cheese, peanut butter or meat. These things not only help to keep you full but also keep you going until your next meal. It made least to this morning I had a poached egg with wheat toast and a tsp. full of peanut butter. The whole meal was 4 points out of my daily 29 and I actually have felt better and less hungry this morning. They suggested having a poached egg with a small piece of Canadian bacon and toast. The Canadian bacon sounds awesome and a nice change to the high fat pork bacon or sausage. So I believe I will be going to the store.

We also talked about learning to read yourself and knowing if you are really hungry or just bored, stressed, upset, or even thirsty. I find myself foraging for food when mid afternoon hits. Today I brought yogurt and oranges to get me through that time period. I also made an effort to plan out my food points today and really pay attention to what was going into my body instead of just estimating and guessing.

Tea has been my friend today and after it is gone....I am switching to water. I know that even though I drink a lot of tea and some water....I am not drinking enough. Especially this time a year. My lips are dry, my skin is dry and I get those annoying little dehydration headaches. Plus...I know from experience that drinking the right amount of water just makes you feel generally better.

Finally....last night I was just so tired of NOT doing anything in the way of working out that I made myself do the Dance 2 for Wii. I just love it and yes....especially if you are a me.... you get quite a workout. I also purchased Zumba for Wii. Haven't broken that open yet, but I dearly loved the Zumba class I took last year and I have heard good things about this. My goal is to get 3-30 min. workouts in before next Thursday. We shall see.

All in hasn't been a horrible week....even though my diet pop has been declared persona non grata. I have learned some helpful hints to direct me on the right track and I got off my tired keester and got my groove on...(and by the way....just so you know....I have no rhythm and my dance skills are non-existent). So I guess I really can't complain...but you know me....I probably will anyway as I keep moving on.

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  1. Here is another tip that really makes a difference eat slow and savor each bite...I know not always possible but you wind up eating less because your brain has time to registar that you are full and what you might have normally eaten may still be left on your plate and don't feel guilty we can't feed the children in Africa our left overs anyway...