Friday, March 4, 2011


ONE POUND!!!! It's not much....but it is incentive!!!! I was really excited when I got on those scales yesterday. Granted....I would like to have seen more....but did I really deserve more? I am not sure, but I am sure that I want to see at least another pound loss next week. I WANT to do this! I want to feel comfortable in my skin, happy, and most importantly.....healthy!

The workouts continue and each day gets a little easier. I have set myself up with a workout plan which does not really allow me to get bored and also keeps me fairly motivated. It is also a stepping stone in preparation for beginning to run again. It has been so many years...and quite is a pretty big challenge for me. I plan on starting the training March 21st and will train until the race....which is  the first weekend in June. For two miles....that should be more than enough time and training.

Going back to incentive.....all it took was one pound and I am motivated. Of course even the best intentioned motivation can wain in the presence of  a Hot Rod Burger or Russell Stover's raspberry filled chocolate eggs. So how do I counter act the evil power of the HR Burger???? Accountability! Yes....I know that word has crossed my lips (or in this keyboard) many times before. However.....being truly accountable.....means that if I eat that HR Burger with a couple of RS eggs for dessert....then  those that I am accountable to....will know about my little mishap! Since being accountable to myself has proven time and time again to fail.....I guess I will have to be accountable to this blog and all who read it! Yes...that's right!!!! All two of you!!!

WW also stresses accountability with cute little slogans like If you bite it....write it! meaning if food passes your lips...write it down. I will admit....I am so horrible about this and because of my inability to write it when I bite it....I am sure points are slipping in that I am not accounting for. So maybe for this blog needs to be my food journal. Also....keeping a journal of my working out will also help me to keep on track there too. It is so easy to miss a workout and then another and another....until the working out becomes a thing of the past. So I go with the accountability.

So lets see how I have done today:

Working Out: Today Becca (my workout buddy) couldn't go so I did circuit training solo. For anyone interested....this is what Fridays (my circuit training days) look like.

Kickboxing front, side and back on each leg. Between each set.....I walk the track a lap.
Then I move on to the Bosu ball. For those not familar with gym speak....a bosu ball is a half ball on flat surface. It is challenging to work out with one as it is all about the balance....and I have none. Anyway...I do bosu pushups 3 sets of 12
walk a lap
leg squats on bosu ball 2 sets of 10
walk lap
shoulder press with  5 lb. dumb bells(5db) on bosu ball
walk lap
Bicep curls on bosu ball (5db) on bosu ball 3 sets of 12
walk lap
Bent over row (5db) on bosu ball 3 sets of 12
walk lap
Bent over tricep kickbacks (5 db) on bosu ball 2 sets of 12
walk lap
Squats (no bosu) w/5db 3 sets of 15
walk lap
Crunches on bosu 3 sets of 20
walk lap

I really love this workout as it is never boring and I always feel energized after wards. As my balance and workout skills improve....I will kick the workout up a notch. I do live for my Friday circuit training.

Now onto the biting and writing.
I did a major "no-no!" and did not eat breakfast. I NEED to eat breakfast! Oh well!

For lunch I treated myself to a Dillons salad from their salad bar.
The salad and fruit were 0 points
cucumbers in oil 1 point
1 Tbsp. cottage cheese 1 point
3 croutons crushed up and 1 Tbsp. dried cranberries 2 points
2 T. ranch dressing 4 points
Iced tea 0 points
                                             Total: 8 points

                                             Snack: WW cinnamon bar 3 points
                                             Total: 11 points

I'm back!!!!!!! Here is dinner:
                                 1 serving rotisserie chicken  8 pts.
                                 1 sm. baked potato             3 pts.
                                 1 wedge laughing cow         1 pts.
                                 lettuce salad                        0 pts.
                                 Red pepper dressing           2 pts.
                                1 orange                             0 pts
                                 Total                                 25 pts


I still have 4 points to go. I will come back later and fill in the food count for the rest of the day.

So here you have it folks. I am trying to make the scales go down and my health benefits go up. If anyone has any workout ideas they would like to share (all two of you).....please feel free to do so.

This is me being accountable. At least for today. Catch me next Wed....and we will see just how accountable I really am!

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