Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And the Wagon Went Boom!

It is a funny thing. Before I even opened my eyes this morning.....I was blogging in my head again! I knew this meant that there would be more than one blog entry today. Truth be told....I started blogging in my head last night. Why? Because I fell off the WW points wagon with a gigantic thud. Okay...okay....I didn't so much fall off, it was more like....I jumped off....danced around....and then jumped off again!!! Why oh why do I do such things? Ummmm.....probably because I am human, and a pretty fallible one at that. Oh....and...I WAS HUNGRY!!!! Now we aren't talking just a little hungry....I could have eaten a lot more than I actually did, but I am pretty sure I went way over my daily points. I may even have exceeded my weekly points too. The bad thing is....tomorrow is weigh in day! I have no idea what possesses me sometimes.

I have continued the workouts...although after last nights little binge....all I did today was a quick 20 minute elliptical workout. Should have been more....but it wasn't. I have a new and unexpected situation occurring. What situation you ask? Knee pain! I know it is not arthritis or anything like it has only happened since I have been upping the exercise game. I know it is workout related and probably because I don't stretch like I should before and after the working out. It is not like excruciating is just like a dull ache that is mostly at night and early morning. Actually....after I do a workout...they usually feel pretty good. Still....I don't want to cause myself injury or make it so that I can't work I am trying to baby them a bit (thus the 20 minutes this morning)!

Yesterday the midst of gorging on Ghirardelli of Jillian Michaels quotes kept going through my head..."A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul." I couldn't help but think that in my case it should have read...."A bad day for your ego is an even worse day for your waistline," cause I could feel mine expanding with every bite. And yes....yesterday was a bad ego day for me. You see....sometimes we envision ourselves one way (especially when we refuse to use a full length mirror) and then we see a picture of ourselves looking as we actually do. Often times the difference is both stark and depressing, thus went the ego...right out the window, as well as all illusions of how I actually look. Sigh! So what do I do? That's right....binge! Although...I really did think I was hungry!!!!

Part of my issue is....even as faithful as I have tried to be....I don't seem to be shedding pounds very quickly. most peoples workouts are probably wimpy, but unlike a car...I can't go 0 to 60 in 2.2. I have to gradually work myself into the hard stuff or else I will wind up in traction. I have been increasing bit by bit.....but maybe it is time to really start nailing the workouts. Another Jillian quote comes to mind..... "Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!" While none of those three sounds like a viable choice...I do understand the sentiment behind the quote. I NEED to push myself harder! Oy!

There could also be an issue with my thyroid that is holding me back. I have hypothyroidism and am on medication. In fact I have been for years, but perhaps my dosage needs to be adjusted. Of course this would require me going to a dr....which I don't currently have. Mine moved on (coincidence? Probably not!) It would also cost me money that thanks to the Dept. of Ed...I don't currently have, but the fact that it might help me lose weight should override my reasons for not going. Perhaps I will see who is available at the Wichita Clinic and go get my thyroid checked.  I guess it couldn't hurt! I have stumbled.......or more accurately fallen on my face. I can stay down or I can pull myself up and move forward. I think the wise choice is to move forward. While March has not been a stellar weight loss has been positive in the fact that I am working out regularly and I do in fact feel much better and sleep much better. I have also finally got it figured out how important it is to keep track of what I eat and not just assume I am counting my point correctly. I guess this falls in line with my final Jillian quote..."Why choose to fail when success is an option?" Good question!

Well tomorrow is weigh in day and I am sure I will reap what I sowed this week and this week I sowed a whole heck of a lot of Ghirardelli chocolate, so I am sure my numbers are going to shoot up like a bullet. The upside is....Friday starts a new WW week and a new month. Besides, April means spring and we all know....everything just works better in spring!

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