Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Day Later...... this mornings blog I was feeling pretty low. I was questioning my parenting skills and the answers were not pleasing me. Perhaps David feeling bad and the fact that I was pretty tired culminated into my dark posting this morning. The fact is though....when he got up and around, although extremely stuffy and a little tired from the tossing and turning all night...he was in pretty fair spirits. I asked him if he wanted to go to school...and he gave me an enthusiastic YEAH! So even though my Mom instincts wanted to keep him home and take care of him (although he neither appeared to want or need it) I went with my Head of Household/Provider instincts and sent him to school. I did however call the drs. office the minute it opened, which just so happened to be moments after the bus left the driveway. Luckily they could see him at 8:30, so I ended up having to go and pick him up (after him being there less than a half hour). Sometimes my brilliance just amazes me. Why didn't I just keep him home until I knew something? Anyway....prognosis is: red ear, slightly red throat (due to a Netty pot mishap I am thinking) and a sinus infection. They put him on antibiotics and out the door and back to school he went.

By the time all was said and done, it was time for me to go to work. Needless to say, there was no workout this morning. I can tell that not working out is not good for me. I immediately started thinking about food. I never do that. My mood was trying to take over and dictate my food intake. I had to run some errands for work and the entire time I was out.... it was as if I was fixated on every fast food place I saw. I was even thinking about donuts! What the heck? It was bordering on ridiculous. So far though....I have fought every inclination to be bad....and so far...I have won!

I am kind of proud of myself as I am starting to figure out what does and does not work for me. What does work is brushing my teeth after I eat lunch. Once that toothpaste taste is in my mouth, it turns me off of food for hours. What also seems to work is working out. Well obviously I like the fact that it is finally letting me see some results, but also when I work out....I just don't seem to get as hungry. What does not seem to work for me is....not working out. The thing is....I can't work out every day. It is not good for my body...and simply not always possible. On those days I can definitely tell a difference in both my mood and my appetite. I am going to have to really watch myself on those days and be super vigilant.

Lunch went well though. I had my usual (at least for this week) Dillons salad which equaled the usual 6 pts. plus the WW yogurt (2) which gave me a total of 8 pts. leaving me with 21 to finish out the day. And tonight Z is having a house full of kids again. I am getting them pizza but since that has more points than I want to give up....I am thinking Taco Bell for me. (Yes...I feel lazy tonight). Since it is Friday and no meat...I am thinking of the bean and cheese fresco burrito. At least that is filling. Maybe though I will have tomato soup and grilled cheese. I just don't know. I can't decide. I guess I will just have to leave everyone in suspense until later.....

Okay...much in the next day.

Here's the deal. Yesterday was just a bad day waiting for me to be bad and I succumbed. I am not even going into points at this juncture. Let us just say there was pizza, lemon cookies and Doritos involved. What can I say....I am human! Honestly....I could have been so much worse than I was and up to the lemon cookies and Doritos...I was still well within my points. The cookies I don't regret for a second because David and I shared them while watching tv together, the Doritos....I may regret a little. The good thing is....I realized that it was just a small stumble and I was back on track today. The bad thing is....the indiscretion did a number on my stomach and I have been suffering like crazy today. Yet another reason not to eat like a teenager left unsupervised.

Today I have eaten next to nothing because of the stomach....and because tonight I think I would rather drink my points. Yeah....that is just who I am today. I also did not workout....again....I am cutting myself some slack. All work and no fun makes Lisa miserable and we wouldn't want that. My body needs a couple of days of rest and then I will get going again.

Well you probably won't hear from me again until Monday. I think one blog from me on a  Sunday is plenty for anyone to have to I will leave it at that. Here is hoping that your Friday was spectacular and that your Saturday is even better and on that note....I leave you with this song!

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