Thursday, April 21, 2011

I AM the Biggest Loser!

It has been a day and I am beyond tired. I have cheesecakes to make and barely the strength to make them. We finally got Z figured out....I think. He has what they said he had the other night, which I cannot pronounce to save my life, but it is essentially a secondary infection in his man region. It is extremely painful and he can barely walk. They think it is secondary to an ear infection he has had almost chronically since Oct. The dr. today a man....nearly fainted when he found out that the dr. (a woman) had sent Z home the other night without pain meds. Along with all of this....Z has been extremely fatigued. They started running all kinds of tests on him and the "c" word was even tossed into the mix. I can't even hardly think about my kids and cancer let alone hear a dr. use the word in regards to one of them. My heart about stopped.

After all the tests, sonogram, blood work, etc. we came out with a different...stronger antibiotic, pain meds and no cancer....thank God! It is just going to be tough going for Z for the next 10 days to 3 weeks...but hopefully by Monday he will be feeling much better.

So with all of today's drama and running around.....WW was out of the question. The bad news was my last meeting and I didn't get to weigh in or find out if they have found us a new leader or if and/or when a new session will be starting. I need my meetings Man! The good news is......drum roll please...............I LOST 4.2 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! That's right! So you all know what this means?!  I will continue my daily blogging on TMI (well...maybe not Sundays) and I will continue documenting points and workouts,'s working! In the last 2 weeks I have lost a total of 7.2 pounds and not once have I gone hungry or felt deprived. This loss has even come amongst some low times where I veered off and didn't do as well. Usually my low points or bad behavior happen on the weekends which sort of works out to the 80/20 schedule I talked about a few days ago.

I am so ecstatic even with as crummy as the last two days have been! What is even better is that I had set a number last week that I wanted to be at or below this week. I am 2.2 lbs below that number and right now....I weigh less than I have weighed in about 8 years. I AM REALLY DOING THIS!

In the midst of all of today's fun though, working out just simply didn't happen and I had half a Spangles Western Burger and some Cinnamon Sugar Almonds.....and there may have been some other stuff, I kinda lost track about 3 p.m. I don't care though. I know tomorrow I will be back in the gym and I will be back on my points and with any luck, this time next week there will be even less of me.

Well I am exhausted and as I said....I have cheesecakes to make, so I guess I will get to work, but I just had to share with you all and let you know that Lisaland.....I am.....THE BIGGEST LOSER!

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