Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning and Losing

Okay...the more I am doing this whole accountability thing...the more I am actually thinking before acting. And the more I am thinking before acting...the more I am learning about me. The last few days, I have learned a whole lot about me. One of the things I learned is that I am a liar! And we may or may not get back to that in this blog. Maybe liar is a bit harsh. Maybe we will say that at times I am not as forthcoming with details of the truth as certain people might like me to be, or maybe it is just that I say something and then change my mind. Nope! I think liar covers it!

And on this note....I have a confession to make. I know I have said over and over that I won't weigh anywhere but WW(and until recently...that was true), but last Friday (since I didn't make it to the WW meeting Thursday) I possibly weighed myself at home. The number had of course jumped up a pound and I was not feeling particularly proud. That and I wanted to make sure my scale was weighing accurately. A girl can hope can't she? I had it checked and it was spot on. DRAT! Well...that was Friday. Since we didn't have a meeting today....I decided to go for it again. So this morning, half bleery-eyed...I dared to face the beast yet again. I about passed out! After all of this dedication, working out and not once stepping outside my points since Sunday, I freaking could not believe my eyes! I LOST 3 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been my largest single loss in a really long time. I was over the moon to say the least. It really gave me incentive to keep going and go as far as I possibly can.

What else have I learned about me? Sit down! You just thought you were getting off easy with the first paragraph. I lost weight....not words! I have also learned that eating right does not mean starving myself. It means eating until your full, but eating the right things. I am stuffed at lunch everyday and I never eat less than 4 pts. nor usually more than 11 pts. And if you have been reading the have seen that I eat plenty. I have also learned that with last weeks total disregard for exercise and eating right, I felt horrible. I felt head hurt, my stomach hurt and I just in general felt bad about everything. It really  tore me up mentally most of all.  Once I got the water going though and started back with the protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies....I feel like a completely different person.

I also have discovered that I kind accountability. Well...maybe what I actually like is blogging about accountability, cause we all know I would blog about air if I though I could, so blogging about this journey is both helpful accountability wise as well as mental health wise. It combines all my current passions.....blogging, getting healthy....and staying sane. What else could one ask for? Honestly though....writing down everything that passes my lips helps me to stay within my points and keeps me focused. The same goes for writing down my activity and calories burned. I have also figured out the common sense things that sometimes tend to go over my head such as: on the days I don't work out or don't work out as hard....dial back the points a point or two. Also...don't eat all your points if your aren't hungry. I am trying to eat to live...not live to eat.

Finally a realization that hit me this morning is....I really no longer need a personal trainer. At least not for now. I have gotten to the place where I can take everything my past two trainers have taught me and put it to good use. I also spend a lot of time watching the trainers at the DRC while they are training others. I pick up quite a bit just doing that. Finally....I have learned to push myself and for the most part keep myself going. Of course seeing the product of the effort (losing 3 pounds since actually Monday) doesn't hurt either. Yep...there are just lessons to be found everywhere in this little journey. Who knew????

Well here goes the accountability part. This mornings workout was 1 hour 20 min. I am so afraid I will get bored with the same ol' same ol' or maybe it is that I am just feeling like I am not giving myself a good enough all over workout. I am not sure...but today I tried to switch things up a bit and challenge myself a little more. I started out with doing a mile on the treadmill  burning 97calories, then I did a mile on the stationary bike burning 109, then onto the elliptical where I did 1.2 miles and burned 175 calories. The rest of the time I did the weight machines burning 151 calories. Total was 500 + calories. (I have no calculator and my head hurts so I can't think well enough to add.) Not too bad if I do say so myself...and I felt really good after the workout. Today I didn't feel near so much like dying....of course I was pushing for an even greater weight loss next week. Tomorrow could be another story though as I am thinking I will be doing 45 min. on the elliptical again. My heart is either going to thank me or burst open over all this cardio. In fact the other day when I was doing the fast part of my elliptical workout and was panting like a dog in the Sahara....a lady turned around to check and see if I was all right. A little embarrassing? Meh....I got a goal in mind and I will not stop unless....I puke, faint or die!

And on that note....lets move onto lunch. Today was another fabulous salad from Dillons. What can I say? I am addicted. It was exactly as yesterday's so as not to bore you too much...I will just tell you that it was 6 pts with an added 2 for a cup of WW yogurt. This left me with 21 pts. left over. 

Z called me today and said he wanted to make burgers for far be it from me to complain when my son is willing to use his culinary skills to benefit us all. They were delicious but I used my 45 calorie bread instead of a bun. The pts. broke down as such: beef pattie (6), WW pepper jack cheese wedge (1), 2 slices bread (2), ketchup (0), Special K chips (1.5) for a total of (10.5). (sandwich pictured to the left is not actually my just kinda looks like it). Z actually brought me two sandwiches but I was neither that hungry nor did I want to use that many points so I ate a 1/3 of the other sandwich and fed the rest to David. That used an additional (3) me a grand total of (13) used. The total so far for today is 21 leaving me with 8 pts. still to use if I want to. Perhaps I will use part of that 8 to reward myself with a WW ice cream treat tonight. I really think I might have earned that.

Well....regardless of how much allergy medicine I have tried to consume (0 pts. by the way), the wind is winning. My head is about to split, so I think it is a shower and an early bed time for me. But what about the ice cream you might ask? ( might!) Will she or won't she? We will leave that as a mystery....until we meet again!

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