Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 1: In the Beginning........

Day 1

In the beginning....... Everything since the conception of creation has had a beginning. Everything starts from an origin. This is my origin. If you read my other blogs....then you might know that this last week I have had some thinking time on my hands. In that time I came to some realizations. That is what this is all about.

In each of us very complex and intricate human beings....there are actually only three simple key elements that keep all the complexities and intricacy's functioning. These elements are body, mind and soul. When working in sync.....the being runs efficiently and effectively. However, when even one of these elements is out of sync, the being can become a complete and total train wreck. "Whoot whoo...." Hear that? That is me coming down the track!

In my humble opinion, of the three key elements....the soul is the most important. The soul is where we keep our faith and without faith in something, we are nothing but an empty shell. My faith is in God and like anything else, the only way to strengthen it is to give it a daily workout. For me that is prayer and the constant reminder that if I hand something over to God to take care of.....I must leave it there. Trust me.....with all the spiritual aerobics I soul should be of athletic proportions. It isn't though because the other two elements are not working in sync. That being said, without proper training and care, and without my soul/faith being in good shape, nothing else will be either.

Next is my mind. My mind is so rogue. It always has been. Living in my head is like living in a 1960's thriller all the time. It takes so many twists and turns and you simply never know what is going to happen next. Often my mind likes to lease property in some pretty negative areas. It is a struggle to grab the faith I need to keep myself in more scenic and upscale real estate. It can be exhausting trying to balance mind and soul and if they our out of whack then the body will follow suit.

Finally the body. It has been proven time and again that mind and soul have immense power over the body. They can cause the body healing and they can cause the body to fail. Mine has been failing for a long time. That is what comes from going through life "faking" everything. I have said it before and I will say it again. Those that tell me how strong I am have no idea just how weak I am. Strong is facing things head on and keeping the three elements in sync. Weak is acting as if you face things head on when you know that body, mind and soul are actually reeling out of control at an alarming rate. Perhaps it is time to stop faking and reeling and start putting things right.

My 51st birthday came and went this year with little fan fare or even thought. It was an "ehh" kind of birthday, possibly because there was much more on my mind than cake and wrinkles. This is a pivotal year in my life for a lot of reasons and because of this I seem a lot more out of sync than usual. The truth is though.....I have always been out of sync. I have never really had the balance that allows me to "know" me or find the best me. I was never taught to be whole so I have been working unaligned my whole life. I come from a long line of out of sync and that is all I have ever known. Unless I want to continue the is time for me to actually take a stand.

So today is the beginning. I don't know where this is going to go or what I am going to find on the way. There is no map, directions or guarantees. It is simply a step, which will be followed by another and another until I eventually find my destination. Hopefully when I arrive, I will have found a much better version of me.

It is my plan to blog daily. Perhaps there will be pictures, maybe video and always my thoughts and words on where I am at. While the past may pop up from time to time as I have to know where I have been in order to find out where I am, I really don't want to speculate on the future. I want each day and even each minute to be filled with surprise. I am banking on the fact that if the three elements start to sync up then some of those surprises might just be happy ones. I will post these blogs daily on The Lisa Blogs on facebook but only on occasions will I actually post this on my facebook page. This means that you either have to follow me, like The Lisa Blogs facebook page or bookmark this blog if you wish to go along on this journey. Oh and just so you know what you "might" be in for: there could be weight loss, exercise, health, spirituality and of course Lisaism's right and left. You know you don't want to miss the Lisaism's! Maybe someone reading will laugh or cry or even relate and they too will begin a similar journey of synchronization.

To mark the beginning of this journey....I am doing something I almost never do. I am posting a picture of myself. Okay....myself and two close friends. I am the "fluffy" one in the purple top. In 365 days....good, bad or the same....I will post another picture and see where I am. So grab a toothbrush, pack your readers and let the journey begin............


  1. I can't wait to read more.

  2. I am loving the picture. "Fluffy" huh? You look great. Can't wait to read more of the journey.

  3. Oh I have always followed the faith that every day is a new beginning. We always get a "start over" moment in our life and it is up to us to pick it up and run with it or not. We just have to learn to look for those moments and make the very best of them!!! I love your positive attitude my friend, as Im sure that you know this. I look forward to watching the changes that are for sure going to come your way.
    and of course I am loving this picture. it is framed and sitting in my house because it olds wonderful memories and those smiles (yes...even your barely there smile) says a lot about the 3 of us. Love You!!!