Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Day 5

Motivation is key to any life change. It is a drive or purpose that gets us from point A to point Z without being sidetracked by all the letters in between. It is also something that is difficult to muster at times.

What motivates us at 6 a.m. may not be so motivating at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. By 4 p.m. we may not have any motivation left at all and anything we thought we were going to accomplish at 6 a.m. has long been forgotten by dinner time. That is why we need to dig deep and find REAL motivation.

I have always secretly snickered at those who were so highly motivated to complete a task, journey or goal that they kept pictures of the end game, talked about the end game and submerged themselves so deeply into the goal that they seldom if ever lost focus. I know now that my snickering was really envy. I was/am envious of someone who can stay so committed to something that they don't lose focus and in the end....achieve! There is a meme floating around about a woman who is irritated with all those women who achieve a hundred different things a day and her great accomplishment is that the kids are still alive. That woman is ME! I take my little victories where I can get them....but I am learning they simply aren't enough.

I have been told that a writers brain can be a scattered brain. If this is true then I should be a best selling author several times over. My brain fragments daily into all the things I need to do, should do and want to do. Trying to put it all into a one single day is literally exhausting. I am tired before I ever get started and then the  motivation is lost. This is not an excuse....it is a fact and to be quite honest, my brain wants me to accomplish far more than my body is capable of at this time. So how do I come to terms with all of this and find my motivation again?

I am thinking that I have to decided first WHY I am on this journey? What is my motivation? Am I doing this for my kids, to prove something or to make me happy and healthy? The answer to that will define this next year. In which scenario will I work harder? Once I have decided the "why", then I must do my best to keep the daily journey my priority. All else can fall in or fall off my plate, but the journey and the end game must be my focus. That means putting what I need to do to accomplish my goal first and foremost in my day and my life. This means putting me first for awhile. That right there scares the heck out of me. Bottom line though....if I don't take care of me, then I can't take care of those who need me.

Motivation and goals are both easier in small doses than they are on a huge, complex and lengthy scale. I have to make my goals small.....daily.....and maybe even hourly so that they are much more attainable. I can do just about anything for 60 minutes and maybe even stay motivated during that time period too. Many small goals will eventually get me to my big one and each time I achieve a goal, it will motivate me forward to the next one....hopefully. 

Today I will try and fight my anti-motivation which is telling me to take a nap, read a book or do just about anything else that requires nothing more than the couch a pillow and a blanket and perhaps that will be my reward AFTER, I complete my goal for today. So for now I say.....Have an amazing Tuesday! Now please excuse me while I motivate myself to the laundry room!

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