Monday, October 7, 2013

To Believe in Me

Today is the day! What I did yesterday doesn't matter and what I will do tomorrow is a moot point as tomorrow is not a definite. All that matters is today, right here in this moment. I am in total control of this moment. I am in control of how I act and react and what path I put myself on. My choices and decisions are my own and I will own the bad decisions I make just as I do the good ones.

If the bottom falls out of it sometimes does on days that end in "y", then I can let it defeat me or fuel me. I can fight or I can fall. Every second I work towards my goal(s) is a second closer to attainment and second farther from the starting line.

I can do anything I want to do. Where there is a will there is always a way and it is not people or circumstance that stand between me and what I is only me and my fear that  are the culprit.

I cannot control what I do not know and I cannot control the should have's....all I can control is now.

Yes....there are lots of cliches and motivational words here, but the fact one knows me better than I know me. No one scares me more than I scare me and no one is out there cheering me on except for me. I have to be my own cheerleader and only I know when I need the motivation to move forward, to speak up or simply just to listen. The answers are always there and I can achieve if I believe....I just need to believe in me!

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