Monday, November 11, 2013

My First Video Blog Ever!

Day 17

Today I have a surprise for you. This is my first video blog! It only took me five takes!!! LOL

Happy Veterans Day!


  1. Oh wow. Very brave and excellent blog. You are beautiful, not just your hair. Love this and I hope to see more of your video blogs.

  2. You are beautiful!

  3. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Oh Lisa, what a huge step for you. And YES I KNOW this was HUGE for you!! Im so proud of you!! Great first blog...only one thing....SMILE! Just every once in a while throw a smile in there!
    I love the Challenge thing going challenge is to get back on track with taking care of myself, physically AND emotionally!! You know that second part is VERY hard for me. SO that is MY challenge!
    Again....I am loving this video blog of yours and look forward to you becoming more comfortable doing it so that you will do more. BUT I also love reading your blogs.

    PS.....You DO have pretty amazing looking hair!!!

  4. You do have great hair!