Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Whole New Person Begins

I am doing a great job!!!!

I have found myself of late running in what feels like a hamster wheel. It has been a bit crazy trying to accomplish, deal with and simply make it through a couple of really over-the-top weeks. I have held my own, but barely.

Today it has been four weeks since I began my final journey into taking care of me. I say final because for the first time in my entire life, I feel that I am going to stick with this and actually make the necessary changes. Why is this time so different from the last 5,692? Okay that is possibly a very defined exaggeration, but the reason I feel!

Since I started Trim Healthy Mama (THM) four weeks ago, I can tell real change. The first and foremost change is that I don't crave sweets or diet Mt. Dew anymore. I am four weeks clean from the dreaded dew and I have not missed it once. My Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS) has easily replaced it and become my go-to drink of choice. I also am never hungry. In fact I have literally had to struggle at times to eat every 3 hours as I am simply not always hungry. The idea that you must eat in between meals as opposed to the idea drilled into our heads that we shouldn't is so foreign and yet so freeing that my body I think is confused.

Last week I didn't blog because life was too crazy to take the time. When I stepped on the scales, I had gained 2 lbs. I half way expected it as I was trying a special THM week where I ate three days of Deep S or satisfying meals and two days of Deep E or energizing meals.  The S meals are higher in good fats and the E are higher in carbs. I honestly think my body wasn't ready for this special week and because THM is mostly free styling meaning no measuring portions.....I may have over free styled. At any rate, there was a 2 lb gain. Honestly though, feeling so much better, feeling satisfied and kicking diet Dew completely outweighed any frustration at the gain. Also, in the book it stresses that everyone's body is different and gains or plateaus will come with the losses. The good news is....every three hours you have the opportunity to get back on track. 

Since last week, I have mostly stuck to S meals unless my body decides to crave an E. Then, instead of having an E day, I simply have an E meal. This seems to work better for me and if I eat an E breakfast, then that seems to give me some much needed energy for my current crazy days. It has paid off. I am down again...1.4 lbs. And because of it, I have hit my goal of 1-2 lbs/week. I have lost a total of 4 lbs and I am so happy. Those are 4 lbs I do not plan to ever see again.

By starting THM and basically gushing about it 24/7....that's right, I'm a gusher, I have garnered quite a bit of interest in the plan. I have even gushed a couple of people into buying the book and learning more. The other day, I had a lady ask me to give her the short description of THM. She thought she might want to try it, but she needed more info first and the facebook pages were too confusing without having some background. So here is the description I gave her:

THM is not low fat or no fat, but it is lower carb but not carb free. Good fats and carbs are both essential to weight loss and health.

You eat several types of meals but the ones you start out with and that are the mainstay of the plan are S meals (satisfying) and E meals (energizing).

S meals are higher in good fats such as Coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil and butter. You eat protein at every meal and you can have great meals such as eggs fried in butter and bacon or sausage.

E meals are higher in good carbs such as sprouted breads and brown rice. When you are eating E's you add more protein and take away fat. My son's girl friend makes an amazing E soup that has brown rice, smoked turkey sausage, rotel tomatoes and three kinds of beans. It is to die for and I am never hungry.

The key to THM is to avoid combining carbs and fat which will feed fat cells in your body. You can have healthy forms of both....just not together.

And the answer to the big question: Do you feel deprived? I do not! I make homemade healthy flavored coffee's that could shut coffee houses down. I have decadent desserts like pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake. I can even eat homemade chocolate candy and every recipe I make has gotten a thumbs up from my kids.

The no-no's of the plan are unhealthy fats such as vegetable, corn and canola oil. Sugar is also out as well as any sweetener that is not Stevia. Wheat flour is gone and next to bread, the hardest thing I can't eat are potatoes because they are a cheap and versatile staple. They also want you to limit or avoid high natural sugar fruits like grapes, bananas and pineapple although in small quantities they are okay. And finally....corn. Although most of us love a good corn on the cob or creamed corn casserole, corn has a very difficult time being processed in our bodies and has a lot of sugar. It is not good for us no matter how much we like it too must hit the curb.

For every no-no though (except maybe corn), there is a healthy alternative that works and still lets you enjoy the foods you love and trust me when I say, after a won't miss any of it. Also, knowing that you aren't counting and measuring everything makes for quicker meal prep, teaches you to eye your food and know how much it takes to fill you up (and eating every three hours helps with smaller portions) and it just leaves you feeling much freer at meal time.

So there you have it. A basic tutorial of THM. However, if you want to know the details and have an understanding of why THM works, you need to buy the book. Order it online from THM or get the Ebook and start reading. Then hit the THM fb pages or hit me up with questions. I promise you that you won't be sorry and within a month you will feel like a whole new person. is how this whole new person is starting to change!

The Numbers:
Weight:  190.6 (-4)
Height: 5'1"
Chest:  44" (-1)
Waist:  41"
Hips:  43" (-1)
Thighs:  23" (-1)
Calves:  15.5" (-.5)
Upper Arms: 12.5"
Wrists:  6.5"
A total of 4lbs and 3.5" lost! I will call that a win!


  1. I love this. Great blog.

  2. Thank you for this. It does explain it a little clearer. I haven't bought the book yet and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to but it seems like it is an investment I need to make. Good luck and congratulations!

  3. Slow is better. I saw one woman had lost like 15 pounds in a month. To me, that is too much too fast and she will likely not be successful. If I was a betting person I would bet that you will keep the weight off, while the other woman might not be so lucky. Good blog and thank you for the information.