Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Accountability Sucks!

There are so many reasons why it would have been very easy not to count points today. After all....I woke up to a child throwing up...which really doesn't put one in a very hungry mood. However....mysteriously....when his puking hunger returned. Then there was having to call the dr. to get him seen before I had to go to work and then when that was set in place....there was having to call the bus barn to see if they could pick up my youngest son early and finally....the resorting of my older sons day so that I could give him a ride on the way to his brothers dr. appt. The best part though...had to be calling the high school and telling them that my son would not be in today. I simply LOVE the attitude I am greeted with each and every time I have to make that call. It makes me so want to send him to school....sick or not.....with the instructions to walk in and puke on their desk.

But I digress....I was still hungry....even after managing all of that. Shouldn't this be a day where I could pull into a drive thru and order whatever greasy, artery clogging, butt increasing menu item that looks good? I could have done that. I could even feasibly have done that and stayed within my points for the day, but alas.....I would have felt like I had eaten a greasy, artery clogging, butt increasing menu item and that was really not what I needed for fuel to be able to pull off this day. So I was good. Breakfast was 1.5 cups of Honey Bunches of Oats and 1 c. 1% milk. It came to 8 points out of the 29 I am alotted for the day. I was good to go.

So my youngest got picked up early. Got my older of the three to work on time and got my middle one to the dr. Found out we are dealing with an ear infection, got anti-biotics and got him back home. I made it to work and hit the ground running. It was non-stop fun. The cereal was the ticket because I had the energy to do what needed to be done without the sluggish....I really wish I hadn't eaten that.....feeling. Before I turned was lunch time and although not really hungry (believe it or not) I knew it was time to refuel. I am also dealing with a sore neck.....not that it has to do with one darn thing....just thought I would throw it in to the conversation.

Even though I was running crazy this morning....I did have the foresight to throw lunch in my bag. I threw in 2 slices of Sara Lee heart healthy bread, a triangle of Laughing Cow, and some mesquite thin sliced turkey breast. So at lunch time I made a sandwich and had a microwavable tomato soup. All of that with some ice tea made for a pretty decent meal....all for 7 points. I topped it off with a WW mini peanut butter bar for one point and I had an 8 point lunch.

Mid afternoon I had a snack of Green Giant frozen broccoli and cheese for 0 points and I am going into supper having used 16 points for the day leaving me with 13 points to still consume. In reality.....13 points is a lot for one meal....especially when I have already had two pretty decent sized meals and a snack. Yet....WW really stresses the need to use all your points in a day because factored into the points are healthy and necessary fats, protein, carbs and other vitamins and minerals which keep your body functioning properly and your health in check. So by cutting out points you are also cutting back on things you need for a healthy lifestyle. I have been somewhat accountable today. Sound boring? It really is.....but no one ever said accountability was exciting.....just necessary in my case. Truthfully....accountability sucks! is a little late in the week for my new found accountability to show much on the scales...but I figure if I start today....maybe by my next meeting (Thursday) I will be in the proper groove to continue next week.

I promise I won't force you to deal with my points everyday for long. Only just until I have gotten to the point where "I" am dealing with my points....then you all will be off the hook.

So what will supper be tonight? I know since you all have had to trample down this daily points path through two meals with me simply will not have closure until you know what I am having for supper. The answer is......I am not sure. It will either be a salad with lettuce, dried cranberries, turkey breast, and ranch (6 points) and some popcorn as a snack later (2) or maybe baked chicken, baked sweet potato, and a small salad (10) and popcorn as a snack (2). Either way.....I stay well within my points and go to bed well fed. And now....knowing this.....I am sure you will all sleep much better with this information.

So my day has slowed down. My sick child is on the mend and my tummy has not murmured one hunger growl all day. So what started out as chaos at it's finest has now become somewhat least for the minute....also I have been very accountable for all my points today.....and hopefully all that passed my lips.....did not stick directly to my hips...but of course....that remains to be seen!

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  1. You go girl! I am glad you are staying on track even on hard days.