Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I simply love to tell people that I am a work in progress. One...it is simply a fact. Two.....it takes some of the pressure off of me to be perfect (as if that has ever truly been an issue) and finally.....it reminds people that we are all merely human....therefore flaws, missteps and large cheesecakes are going to be road blocks that cross our paths to and strain our progress in reaching our goals....whatever they may be.

I am a work in progress in all facets of my life but now my focus is on being the best healthy me that I can be. Weight Watchers (WW) is really making this much easier for me. I especially love the new plan and the new points system. The amount of points consumed daily has been increased but then again....so have the points on some foods. Other foods such as fruits and veggies have been decreased. Most to zero points. While some question the wisdom in ALL fruits being zero points, the thinking behind this change I believe....is to help individuals make better food choices and reach for something like an apple which is zero points and much more filling than say Oreo cookies which are 1 point per cookie and have empty calories as well as very little ability to fill you up.

I also like the fact that with WW no one says you can't eat something which you like. Nothing is off limits as long as you can make it fit within your daily points. In fact...if you really like carrot cake....then WW encourages you to eat a piece of carrot cake. Why? Because by allowing yourself that treat....you don't feel deprived therefore the chances of you later binging on an entire carrot cake are greatly reduced. Bottom line....it is the best of both worlds. You get to eat something you like and still stay on the path of your goals to weight loss and a healthier you.

All of this being said...my Thursday weigh in still did not have the numbers I was hoping for. I only had a loss of .6 which was really not much of a loss...no matter how you try to sugar coat it. I knew however that it would not be because plain and simple.....I did not stick with my points. Of course....I was praised for my .6, but in my head....I knew that I could do much better.

Since then, I have really tried to make better choices. My down fall is the fact that I calculate the points (to some degree) in my head....but I am not putting them down on paper. Thus...I am not keeping myself accountable. And accountability is really key in any kind of lifestyle change.

I also know that exercise is so important and I have really dropped the ball here. This is especially bad because like it or not.....exercise DOES make me feel better. It actually makes my body feel healthier and I really like the change I see in my body after I have stuck with a program for awhile. The pounds drop faster, but more than that....I sleep better, work better, and genuinely feel better. Right now though.....maybe because it is cold and I want to hibernate, or maybe because I am just plain lazy....but I just cannot get myself to exercise. That simply has to change....but again.....baby steps.

This week I have no idea what the scales will show. Hopefully there will be something more than a .6 loss, but who knows. I think my goal for next week will be accountability. I think I am going to force myself to account for every bite I take for one week. Maybe I will even post my daily count here (even more accountability) and then see what the numbers read. Perhaps if there is a noticeable difference in the loss....then maybe being accountable will be that much easier. That could even lead to more activity (i.e. exercise). But let us not get ahead of ourselves. I simply want to see more than a .6 loss this week. So I guess...the name of the game is....accountability!

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