Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Donut Zone my human imperfections are showing through loud and clear. Today is WW day which means weigh in day. I don't go near a scale except for Thursdays at WW. I refuse to drive myself crazy with numbers all week long and one scale weighing me differently than another. Besides...there is a little excitement in the not knowing and the what if of once a week weighing. Anyway....even though I am not suppose to....I do not eat on Thursday until AFTER I weigh in. I thought this was a personal strategy.....a little secret that might give me a slight edge if you will. Then I started talking to other fellow WWers and found they do the same thing. There goes my edge. I should have known something was up when after a weigh in everyone present seems to go for some snack they have brought with them. Oh well. was no different than any other Thursday. I already had myself psyched for no food today. It truly is a mental thing on my part. I have to consciously tell myself I am not hungry....and then keep myself so busy that I don't really have time to think about it. It usually works. Today just had disaster written all over it. I should have known how this would all go down yesterday when my boss brought in a dozen glazed donuts for this morning. My co-worker is very young and about as big around as my pinkie. She has the metabolism of a puma and the appetite of a small third world I really figured that the donuts life span might not exceed 8 p.m. last night. Because of this I wasn't horribly worried about morning temptation. That....and sugar in the morning just never really appeals to me. Then it happened.

Last night as I was leaving work....little pellets of ice began to hit my car. By the time I got car had not heated up the windshield sufficiently and my windshield wipers were fighting a losing battle trying to keep the ice at bay. I couldn't help but wonder what tomorrow (now today) had in store for my morning commute. I found out at 5:30 a.m. when my phone rang...only to hear an automated message from the school telling me that there was no school today. Good luck with going back to sleep after that. I think the school does that maliciously knowing that not only will our kids be home unscheduled....but they will also be up and wide awake from 5:30 a.m. on. Grrrrrrr

So my day began at 5:30 a.m. and I was not hungry. Most likely I was still way too tired to even think of hunger. I apparently can only process one physical need at a time. Okay....the kids get to stay home....but guess who doesn't? You guessed it. ME! I now must figure out just how bad the roads actually are and how long it will take me to drive the 6 miles necessary to get to work. Looking out the window there was little snow....but solid sheets of road ice glistened in what was still moonlight. Great. My stress was increased as I saw a truck drive down my street not going more than a couple miles per hour and lose traction and then slide into not one but two curbs. I was so wanting to crawl back in bed. Still not hungry though.

I finally got everyone up, taken care of and I was dressed and ready to go to work. I walked out the door clutching my rosary, offering a novena, and wondering to myself if my life insurance was paid up. I was not looking forward to this drive. street was nothing but ice and the 18 degree temps were doing nothing to make the ice any less. Thankfully, careful driving and prayer got me to the end of my street without incident. Turning onto the next side street was not quite as successful as my back end obviously wanted to go in a different direction than my front. No one was around though, so I was eventually able to correct and move on. Once I hit the main roads.....everything was fine and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. I was starting to get a little hungry.

Once at was the normal early morning craziness which kept me busy and my mind on phone calls instead of donuts (which I might mention....Miss Thing had only barely touched....leaving the better part of a dozen there to tease and taunt me with their calorie rich goodness...DAMN!) Then I got the phone call that my youngest had a seizure. It wasn't a long seizure....but he decided to end it by throwing up....something he doesn't normally do. Those donuts were looking good! I called the dr. and after several back and forth calls with the nurse.....they changed his meds and the day proceeded on.

Still those donuts sat there and each time I walked by them.....I opened the box with my eyes. I was able to avert the situation though with the thought that my weigh in was just hours a way and I wanted to see more than a .6 loss this week. Bad Lisa....look away.

Finally.....I was caught up enough to actually look at my computer. First Facebook, then the obituaries (what????? just seeing if all my acquaintances are present and accounted for) and then my email. As I open it up......the first email I see is......WW Meeting Canceled! On reading further....because of the weather....we would not be having a meeting this week. Glory Be! I was half way through my first donut with sugary glaze flying in every direction before I realized that I had taken air when I saw that email and I had jumped from my chair to the donuts without even touching ground. I ate it so quickly I didn't even taste it. I was also a bit embarrassed when my boss questioned why I had donut glaze in my hair. Not my finest moment.

So kiddies.....what have we learned today? Lisa is obviously a stress eater! Lisa is human and even though she had this little embarrassing indiscretion (not so much because she ate a donut....but more in HOW she ate that donut) she still is staying within her points today. And we aren't going to really discuss the Taco Tico taco salad she snarfed at lunch. Darn them for canceling WW. Oh week will be better....and I am making my office.....a NO DONUT ZONE!

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