Friday, February 25, 2011


Let me just start this by saying Grrrrrrrrrr! guessed it. I went to WW yesterday and found out that I had GAINED 1.2 lbs. At least I was in good company as most everyone there had gained too (including our leader). It didn't help knowing that though, as I was really hoping the numbers were going in a different direction. I had an inkling my clothes weren't fitting  as loose as normal.

This last week I actually did pretty good, so I am thinking my skills during this time period were not the culprit. Last Thursday I did not go because of a meeting....but I am fairly sure the scales would have been much more depressing than this weeks as the week before I was coming off of Valentines day. Chocolate was my double edged sword. It was wonderfully comforting and delicious going down......but coming off is a whole different ball game. So in reality.....I probably did lose this week...I just have nothing to compare it to from last week. And if you think about it....only a 1.2 lb gain after a chocolate mishap (notice I don't call it a binge) is not too bad. my control over the past is non-existent. It is the here and now that matters and I really do feel as if I am moving forward. In fact I am confident enough in this....that I am going to make some very bold goals. By next Thursday.....I will have worked out at least 4 days for at least 30 min. each time. I will have followed my points to the letter (trust me.....this is a HUGE one), and I will have lost at least 2 lbs. I have the tools and the skills.....all I have to do is put them into practice. It also helps that the chocolate filled holiday is behind me.....although another one does loom in my future and every time I walk into a grocery store....chocolate filled eggs taunt me.

Between now and Easter though....perhaps I will get on a roll and stay on one that will give me the desire to avoid those eggs altogether. The only thing between now and then is St. Patrick's Day and I am not a huge beer fan. However...I am a Shamrock Shake McDonald's will be avoided like the plague.

The working out has been awesome. I continue to see a difference in how I feel and how I sleep. Today we are doing circuit training which leaves you temporarily exhausted.....but is so much fun. I honestly think this is the favorite part of my workout...although if you catch me in a couple of hours I might be telling you something different.

I got my results back from my mole extractions and they are all seems to be going well right now. With spring knocking on winters door....soon it should be consistently warm enough to start going on long walks....(are you reading this Chris?) And this year.....on runs (are you reading this Melissa?) So with all of goals are achievable. The only thing standing between me and the not follow through Lisa......and hopefully....I have kicked her to the curb. is time to be I will catch you all later!

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