Friday, February 18, 2011

One Step Closer I was unsure which blog to post on. I have information that would go with one or the other...but since I haven't updated this one in about a we go.

I really am serious about my health and my habits. Especially since it appears that the only thing health wise that is wrong with me is my rear end is too wide (along with the rest of me) and let wideness can lead to everything from heart issues to cancer and bone issues to breathing issues. While I am no longer in my 20's....I am not ready for the rocking chair it is time to kick some butt (mine to be precise!)

On my other blog....I have been writing about life changes and basically stepping out of my box. I have asked for ideas to do this and one that was given to me was to run in the Wichita River Run in June. I have my choice of either a 2 mi. or 5 mi. I am right now aiming for the 2 mi as my knees ain't what they used to be.....and never have been that great.

In order to accomplish this feat....working out and training are a must. Now when I get into the rhythm of working out...I feel great all over. But when I have fallen out of the rhythm.....getting started again really sucks. It takes a certain amount of motivation which I obviously don't have. One of the hardest parts for me is..... finding the time to work out. I KNOW.....if you want something bad enough you make time, but I just can't get up and do those 5 or 6 a.m. workouts anymore. After work there are always a million and one things going on and when I do get a half hour or so....I DON'T want to spend it at the gym. Excuses???? You bet they are and you and I both know that if I was truly hind quarters would be out of bed and at the gym at 5 a.m. is no longer an issue for me.

Skipping ahead.....every afternoon about 2 p.m. I want to go to sleep. It takes everything in me to keep my eyes open and I usually feel like crap. The cold weather was not helping this at all. I was beginning to hate I talked to my boss. Now first of all....I LOVE my boss. He hired me knowing my situation with my little guy and he knew that there would be times I simply couldn't come to work. Whenever I have had to call in....he has never once made me feel bad for doing it or as if my job were in jeopardy. It is a small business with a small staff....and he treats us very well.

So the other day I brought up to my co-worker that I thought it would be cool to be able to use our lunch hour to go work out at the DRC (Derby Recreation Commission). She immediately jumped at the idea and went to the boss with it. On hearing about our idea....he did us one better. He has given us from 10-11 a.m. every day to go work out. He is all for having a healthy, non-tired, productive staff. We were both thrilled....and today was our first day.

My co-worker (Becca) had never worked out in a gym before so today we spent our time learning the ropes with a little eliptical, biking, and weight training thrown in. She loved it and I walked out feeling great. Maybe it was the nudge (gigantic kick in the seat of the pants) that I needed to get going again.

Now doing WW and working out....I am anxious to see what my scale numbers are going to look like come next Thursday. I wasn't able to go to the meeting yesterday as I had another appt. and as I have said....I DON'T weigh anywhere or anytime but at WW if I can keep on track working out and keep chocolate out of my face, maybe I will have a nice surprise come Thursday.

Well...I am a long way from running a 2 mi. run.(thank goodness I have until June to prepare) but today I am one step closer than I was yesterday. Hopefully each day is going to hold new incentive to get up and get moving and if it doesn't.....I always have Becca to push me. Thank goodness for awesome co-workers and a GREAT boss!

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