Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

Drum role please (drum rolls in back ground).....1.5 lbs. GONE! (And the crowd goes wild!) Okay....maybe there is no drum or crowd for that matter....but the 1.5 lbs gone is REAL! That's right! Apparently all my working out paid off and over rode my Ghirardelli  indiscretion of a couple of nights ago! You cannot imagine how happy I am tonight!

Of course I did try to go into today with a positive attitude. I was positively NOT going to go to WW and weigh in. I just knew I had blown it and would have to live with the consequences of chocolate over indulgence. The thought of what that scale might say was almost more than I could deal with. I bucked up though.....and talked myself off the refusing to weigh in ledge and decided that not weighing would not change the numbers one way or another...but it might in fact actually set me up to fail further. So this morning, I decided to at least dress like I felt positive and I wore one of my really cute pairs of heels. Little fun fact here.....I am actually losing weight in my feet and my heels look cute again! Yay me!

I couldn't stay for the entire WW meeting tonight....which I am pretty sure the other attendees were much relieved about. Cause you just know had I stayed.....regardless of how much weight anyone else had lost.....I would had to have made it ALL about me....and my 1.5 lbs. Fortunately for all involved....I had cheesecakes to make. So I left the meeting and drove promptly to Subway (no time to cook tonight) and after getting the boys their favorites....I got a turkey on wheat, no cheese, lots of veggies and no sauce! Yay me again!

So the binge has passed and I am back on track again. Tomorrow is a new day, new week (for WW anyway) and a new month. I plan on sticking to my points like glue, writing down every morsel that passes my lips and working out until I pass out, puke, or die....or maybe....and this is probably more accurate.....until my one hour timer goes off! But you get my drift. Does anyone else hear the Rocky theme playing in the back ground............

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