Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Fat Tuesday and a Shout Out to DeAnna and Shelly

Okay....so I haven't blogged like I should this week....but wonder of wonders....I HAVE been accountable to me. Since Friday if I bit it...I writ it! The grammar stinks...but you get the gist. I have not gone over my points one day and I have eaten a lot of fruits and veggies (0 points) to fill in any hunger voids. If for some reason I step on the scales Thursday and there isn't the loss I am looking for....I will know that the culprit is all the fruit I have eaten....so we shall see. At least I know what I have been putting in my body is good for me.

I have also been drinking tremendous amounts of water (especially when I work out) and my drink of choice now is just plain ol' tea! I drink tea by the pitcher full. And because I do this....I am sure any day now....the government will  give us a new warning that tea causes both cancer and heart disease, will give you hangnails, make your hair fall out and give you boils on your butt! Cause you all know....that is just how I roll! If I love something....you can better bet it is bad for you!

The upside to my beverage choices is...I have really cut down on my diet pop consumption. I have gone from drinking several a day to drinking one maybe every other day. I have brought no more into the house and I am good about staying away from it at work(for the most part)....until today! Today is Fat Tuesday....and tomorrow begins Lent. I am thinking what better thing to give up for Lent....than my first love....diet pop? In Lisaland...it is the epitome of sacrifice.  But today I do not sacrifice.....I drink!!!!! Which is funny. I have had a Diet Mt. Dew sitting on my desk for well over half an hour and have only taken a couple of sips. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME???? I only have hours left to indulge...and here I am sipping. Go figure!

Along with the counting every point....I have also been working out regularly. I have a schedule where some days I do cardio and weights (each time different workouts), some days cardio alone.....and then of course the circuit training on Fridays. On days I can't make it to the gym I do my Wii Zumba at home. I do try to leave Sat. and Sunday free as my body is old and it does require repair time, but the rest of the week.....I am trying to workout hard. This is where I would also like to give a shout out to my two former trainers....DeAnna and Shelly. DeAnna was several years ago and she worked with me at the MRC. She was wonderfully patient....but boy did she make me sweat. She got me back into working out after many years of not and she made me kind of like it again. I will always be grateful to her for this. Then there is Shelly who trained me at the DRC. I loved Shelly and she was tough on me. She made me work very hard and would even text me to make sure I was doing what I was suppose to. She was awesome. Because of these two....I am back at it and I am still working out to variations of the programs they each gave me. If not for them....I would not have the skill set or the motivation to be doing this on my own. As a little side note....do your think there is any correlation between them training me and then both of them quitting personal training right after they trained me?  Naaaahhhh...I didn't think there was either.

Okay....so I am really putting in effort this week and aside from my Diet Mt. Dew (which actually has no calories) I don't plan on celebrating Fat Tuesday any further. I do however plan on finishing out the next two days as well as I have done the rest of the week with both food and working out and I am really anxious to see what my numbers are come Thursday. I am hoping when I finally hit my stride and the numbers start dropping.....that I can take it all the way to the finish line. Oh and.......feel free to cheer me on in the comments section below! ;)

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