Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty Will Cost Ya

It is Thursday....and for all you avid readers of my blog, you know that can only mean one thing.....WEIGH-IN DAY! My expectations for this day? I am really not sure. I know that I have stayed within my points, but yesterdays points choices weren't stellar. Let us just say....there was cheesecake involved. Need I say more? Also, I haven't been able to work out as much as I would like to this past week. Twice I have had been called out of the gym because of David having seizures, but I have gotten in 2 or 3 full workouts. So heck...I don't know. I guess I will find out in a few hours.

Today I don't feel quite as mediocre as the other day, but probably just as shallow. I started thinking about the things that might make me feel pretty(er), and covering my endlessly sprouting gray hair came to mind. Actually, I have kept my hair colored consistently since around 1992, My current natural color is a mystery to us all, but I am thinking it is some fairly awful shade of gray. In the past almost two decades, I have been blond, brunette, dark brunette, bright red, auburn, chestnut, blond streaked, red streaked and an oldie but a goodie....Barney Butt Purple. (I thank Tim and John for that color and although there is a story there...I haven't fully processed the mental anguish that went along with that color yet. Perhaps that will be a story for the future). At any rate, my current color is a darker brunette, and one which the gray shows through quite brightly and quite often. Last night I took beauty into my own hands and decided instead of just the normal touch do the all over color. In doing this, I seemed to forget two very important details. matter how much I like the color, I do not now, nor will I ever look like the model on the box. Grrrrr. And hair has been growing out for about two years now. I no longer have the amount of hair that only one box will cover. Mine takes two. Again....Grrrr. When I under took this process it was almost 9 p.m. last night and running out to the store was not an option....especially as my hair was already undergoing the transformation. So one box was going to have to do the job. I got the bad roots part and then covered the rest the best I could. The results were far from professional, but at least for now....there is no blinding gray!

And speaking of I said, mine has been in grow out mode for a couple of years. Why? Because my mother always used to say: Old women should not have long hair! Don't ask me why she felt this way but she did and I grew up with that little jewel of wisdom. So apparently  there is a  part of me that is rebelling. Or maybe somewhere in my psyche I think that if my hair is long....I am not old. Whatever the hair is fairly long and probably in need of some professional care. Me taking the scissors to my bangs does not constitute professional anything. I am thinking that maybe when I hit one of my weight goals then a trim and color are definitely in order.

Something else that comes to mind that might make me feel a bit prettier is having my nails and feet done. It has been so long since I have had a mani/pedi and my hands and feet are literally screaming out for some love. I wore acrylic nails for so many years that I shied away from them (mostly because of cost) in the last few years. But currently my poor hands look like they belong to one of the crones in Grimms Fairy Tales. My cuticles are always a mess (yes...we know why) and I just refuse to paint them because without acrylics...the paint chips every time you sneeze. So I am stuck with these (picture to the right). Sexy huh? Not! Once my hands were one of my best features, but years of dishes, scrubbing, gardening, and tanning have made them anything but pretty. Maybe some nails would help.

Then there are the feet. I usually do my own toes, but then my feet miss out on the pampering and descaling that comes with a pedicure. Yeah....the toenails look okay from this angle (picture to the left), but the bottoms of those feet are scary. There are crevices on those heels that a small child could get lost in. And rough!!!!! It is going to take more than a pumice stone to cut through the calluses and find actual skin on my feet. And I wonder why I don't feel pretty?! maybe a mani/pedi ALSO needs to be a treat for hitting a goal weight. It is becoming more and more obvious that my entire body is in desperate need of professional care....and quick.

I am thinking that I am at an age...where pretty is gonna cost me big time. But if I work it in small increments, then maybe I won't break the bank. Or at least I won't break it all at once.It is glaringly obvious though, something must be done. Did I say I didn't feel quite as mediocre today? Hmph! I think I am now starting to understand the look on my last customers face.