Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weighing In and the Meatball Sub has been awhile since I had a three blog day.....but I just had to finish this day out with this one. Well....I went to WW today. It has been a week of NOT strict dieting....after all I had ice cream several times....but a week of very strict writing down everything I ate. Not a morel has passed my lips that didn't make it into my journal. I have also stayed right on target with my  points all week and worked out four times since my last weigh in. Believe me....there were a couple of days where that was a struggle...but I did it anyway.

All day today I was nervous. Not really nervous in the fact that I thought the scales were going to have jumped up several pounds...but nervous that I might have only lost .4 pounds or even stayed the same. Even though WW has given almost all fruit a 0 points value....I am still a little unsure about it.....especially when I ate it by the bushel full this week. I really figured if the scale stayed the same or was only moving in small increments....that it had to be my new love affair with fruit. In fact....I ate so much fruit (oranges in particular) that they were making fun of me at work.  Also....shoving that much fruit into a body that has not had a lot of fruit in a while.....let's just say it does less than pleasant things to the colon....but I won't go into details on this. Once I found out that fruit could be consumed and not affect your became my new best friend.

In preparation for today's weigh in......I wanted to eat nothing beforehand.....but after working out, my body needed something. So I was smart enough to bring along some WW yogurt (the best yogurt I have ever eaten might I add!) Since yesterday was Ash Wednesday....I hadn't eaten since 6 p.m. last night and by 11 a.m. today....I was a little light headed.....especially after having worked out. I also had my trusty glass of tea with me....but I went easy on it after drinking my liter of water after working out.

What I guess I am getting at the time I weighed in....I was both dehydrated and my body was in full on starvation mode....but boy was worth it! Today I lost 2 pounds!!!!!!!!! In the big scheme of my rear end....2 pounds does not sound like much....and I am sure looks like even less, BUT I am ecstatic! It is the first significant loss in quite awhile. Of course at the meeting I practically inhaled two WW bars and guzzled my tea like I had been walking through the Sahara....but the point is....I LOST!!!!

Now here is where the story gets a little amusing. Before the meeting I had told the boys that I would bring home Subway for dinner. Now there are several good choices that can be made there. The question is.....did I choose them? Ummmmm.....of course not! Duh! I went  for the foot long meatball marinara.....WITH CHEESE! The only thing remotely good about my choice was that I got wheat bread and Baked Lays. Other than that.....the choice was BBBBAAAAAAADDDDDDD!

So I came home and had cheesecakes to bake. I took a bite and worked on the cheesecakes. A few minutes later....took another bite and then back to the cheesecake. By the time I was done with the cheesecakes....I had only eaten about 1/2 of a 6" sandwich. That and I had munched maybe three chips. The weird thing was....I was stuffed! Eating that slowly had apparently caused me to feel full without gorging on the whole sandwich. (BTW....I really did not plan on eating the whole 12" sandwich tonight....I was planning on saving half for lunch on Sat. Really!!!!). I was feeling so made me think about my Subway choice and how just a couple of choices like that could unravel the positive move forward I had just made. So rather than saving it....I gave the rest to the kids (David in particular is a meatball fiend).

After all was said and done....I sat down and  went over today's points. My morning yogurt was 2. The two WW bars I had at the meeting totaled 5....which equaled 7.  That left me with 22 points to finish off my day. When the rest of the sub was safely tucked away in Davids tummy.....I looked up the points. If I had eaten the whole 12" meatball would have been 30 points. That would have been 1 point over my regular entire daily allowance. WOW! The 6" would have stayed within my points at 15. But I figured what I ate was actually about 10 with the added 2 for the chips. That was a total of 12 leaving me with 10....still left over. Yay me!

I am so glad I had the revelation that bad choices have bad consequences.....a fact I have been trying to teach my children for years. Had I eaten the entire thing....which could have happened had I just allowed myself to sit down and snarf.....I think I would have been very disappointed in myself and it might truly have put a damper on next weeks progress.

I know to most of you my revelation tonight and my two points probably don't mean a lot....but to me.....they mean I am just that much closer to the person I want to be....instead of just staying the person I am!

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