Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work in Progress

Well...tomorrow is the big day. I have actually done well. Honestly....I still have issues with writing down absolutely everything that goes in my mouth, but I do know what I should be eating....and I am keeping the sweets to the bare minimum.All in all....I have had a pretty successful eating week.

My working out has been pretty good too. Today is the only day I have wussed out and that was because I had the headache from hell. I woke up with it after getting very little sleep last night. Since I did have to go ahead and work all day....I figured it was probably better to go a day without working out...rather than cause myself a migraine.

I tried a new workout Tuesday. It was the Zumba for Wii! Now I have taken a Zumba class before and found it both fun and challenging....but not so challenging that I couldn't do it. The Zumba for Wii though is a little different. You can set it to "class" or I think "party" to workout. I started on "class" for beginners which is 20 min. long. It was quite the workout and more challenging I think because the instructor is an imaginary figure on a screen who doesn't really have the capacity to explain the moves before they are shown. I  found though that after starting and stopping the program a couple of times...I was able to catch on fairly quickly. I really like it  so far.

Zumba itself is such a fun workout as it is fairly fast paced with a lot of high energy movement. The music is great and when you get the moves might even find yourself feeling a bit....dare I Of course few of us will ever be Shakira sexy....nor will we have her skill with earth shattering hip shakes, but in Lisaland....I can always pretend.

I do feel this week as if my clothes are fitting a bit looser and my body just in general feels better. I have really cut down on diet pop....except for today. When my head aches....I am a real baby (internally anyway). I want comfort and today.....a diet cherry vanilla Sprite sounded like comfort to me. I have also convinced myself that the cherry and vanilla (although loaded with sugar) are easily counteracted by the "diet"  in the soda. So I felt no guilt today as I nursed my headache with this (guilty) pleasure. Oh....and the headache did subside.

Tomorrow is back to the gym and then WW. Hopefully this time I will see the numbers going south instead of the other way in which my pants don't fit and my chin starts to expand. Whatever the numbers say....I refuse to give up.....for I remain a work in progress.

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