Friday, April 29, 2011

Not So Bad yesterday wasn't so bad. According to the WW scale, since the last time I weighed in there.....I was down 3.2 pounds. Their scale said I was exactly 2 pounds more than what I weighed on my home scale last week. The difference between my scale this week and theirs was mine weighed me at 2 pounds more than theirs did. Confused yet? While I am perfectly happy to run with their numbers.....being the pain in the tush that I am, I fixated on the numbers. Whose are right? I want to believe the WW scales...but I tend to go with mine. It simply means I have to work harder....and harder I worked.

This morning I managed an hour and 20 minute circuit training workout. Within that workout I walked 2.5 miles and I mixed in weights, stair running, crunches (I am sure my side will love me), squats and kickboxing. According to my little calorie converter....when all was said and done...I burned 750 calories. That was a necessary burn since I won't be able to get to the gym for the next two days. That is good and bad. Bad because I don't want to fall out of my groove and good because I really think my body needs the rest. I also have to get to the place where I don't feel like I am doing something wrong or sabotaging myself if for some reason I need a day of rest from working out or I simply can't make it to the gym. It is when I start feeling those feelings of guilt that I start behaving badly with food. I am hoping that this weekend I will be too busy to have time to dwell on my lack of workouts or food. My issue is that I don't want to be so busy that I reach for fast food. I am REALLY bad about that.

I treated myself for lunch with one of my favorite Dillon's salads heavy on the fruits and veggies. It was a 10 pointer because I also love the cuckes in Italian dressing and cottage cheese. It still leaves me with 19 points for the rest of the day and since it is just David and I tonight....I have no idea what is on the menu. I am thinking a WW dinner and a salad.

Yesterdays meeting was kind of bittersweet. As of yet...there is no one to replace our leader and there is no guarantees there will be one by fall. My choices to remain going to WW are...I can go to a mtg in Derby. Derby Dillon's has one in their conference room at 7 a.m. on Fridays which wouldn't be bad for the summer. I also like the fact that I could go in and weigh first thing in the morning and then not have to worry about starving myself 3/4 of the day. I could go straight from their to the gym and then on to work. A definite possibility. I can also just do etools which is WW online program (paying monthly of course), but you are basically on your own with no accountability and then finally......I could just use the WW tools I have and do it strictly on my own and hope that by fall we have a leader and I haven't fallen off the healthy eating/working out wagon. Decisions! Decisions! is much later and I am exhausted. Supper ended up to be about 12 pts with a WW meal, cottage cheese and a WW cinnamon bar. I barely had time to eat as I spent the evening baking, cleaning and doing laundry. It makes quite a distraction away from food, not to mention a pretty decent workout. My legs are feeling it is the rest of my body. It really stinks when your body reminds you that it is not 20 anymore....or even 30. Hey, at this point....I would settle for 40. Oh may suck getting older, but it sure beats the heck out of the alternative. That being said....I think I will call it a night.

Hope you have sweet dreams and that your head always lays on the cool side of the pillow!

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  1. Well done - great workout! I am proud of you. Go to the Derby meeting or recruit a new leader for your meetings. Maybe you could take over. Do you HAVE to have a leader? It is so much better have the accountability of real people that you see in the flesh. Good luck!