Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I keep plugging along. The workouts I think give me momentum to continue on, but I know if I miss a workout...I also lose my momentum.

This morning I changed it up and did 20 min. on treadmill, 20 min. on stationary bike, 20 min. on elliptical and 15 min. with weights. This gave me a total of 5 mi. and a calorie burn of about 594. Obviously the 1 hour on the elliptical is the REAL calorie burner.....but my body is not up to doing that daily (yet) and besides....I need to shake things up a bit so as not to get bored. I keep pushing myself and it is not always easy. I never really want to quit once I get started....but sometimes the getting started is a little dicey. I really have to just do it and not think about it....or I will mentally talk myself out of it. As much as I want to be in the "zone" (workout that is) apparently I am just not there yet. Perhaps if when I weigh in on Thursday and there is a definite loss....then the "zone" will be easier to come by. Maybe then the initial getting started every day won't be such a pain and it will actually turn into a ritual.

I must be doing better though....because I am thinking of making a trip here soon and the thought went through my head...."I wonder if they have a gym or workout facility there?" I have never in my life worked out on a trip....but who knows....this time I just might!

Lunch today was the usual.salad (6), yogurt (2) total (8). It wasn't exactly spectacular....but definitely filling.

I am always amazed when people read my blogs and comment on them. Sometimes they comment on the actual blog, sometimes on facebook and often times through email or word of mouth. Since I have been doing this blog every day recently.....I have gotten several questions and I thought I would use the questions in my blog. So to all you who  have asked....here are your questions and my answers.

How much weight have you lost total? Since a year ago May when I started all of this.....as of last week I have lost a total of 23 lbs.

You seem to eat a lot of salads. Don't you get tired of salads? Yes! Sometimes I do. That is why I like to go to Dillons salad bar. They have a great variety and I can change things up from time to time. 

What is your favorite exercise? You say this as if you think I have a favorite exercise. Actually I really don't mind the elliptical. As exercise goes though.....I think I really like kickboxing. It is a huge stress reliever and helps to burn a lot of calories.

Since Weight Watchers uses the point system and not calorie counting, why does it seem so important to you how many calories you burn? It is not so much important as it is a tool for keeping track. I want to get the most out of my workouts so calories burned gives me an idea of how effective my workouts are.

What is your favorite splurge food? Wow! That really depends on the day, my mood and what happens to be available. I happen to be a pretty huge candyaholic and jelly beans and gummy worms are my biggest downfalls.

I am really not big on vegetables. Can you suggest some vegetables or ways to serve vegetables that might make me like them more? I really like most veggies. I am especially fond of raw veggies like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and mushrooms. Two things I suggest. One....try some raw veggies with some fat free ranch dressing or some fat free sour cream mixed with a package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Two....try the Green Giant variety frozen veggies such as broccoli or cauliflower with a light cheese sauce. This might help with your future veggie intake.

And finally

I have been dieting for years. I make a little progress and get frustrated and cheat blowing my diet to hell and back. Does this ever happen to you and how do you fix it? LOL have you read my  blog? Yes this has happened to me. I think it has probably happened at one time or other to any one trying to lose weight. I think a key to "fixing" the binges is to look at your weight loss not as a punishment but more as a gift that you are giving yourself. A gift of health, energy, and maybe when all is said and done....the need for a brand new wardrobe. And don't be too hard on yourself. You are human....you are going to have slip ups. Just find a diet plan that works for you (WW works for me) and work it to the best of your ability.

Well...I hope this answers any questions you might have. And thank you all for reading. It is you guys that help to keep me motivated and moving forward.

Supper is done. I had 4 fat free hot dogs (4), 1/2 low fat cottage cheese (2), Green Giant broccoli/carrots in light cheese sauce (2)  Skinny Cow ice cream cones (4) total (12). I forgot how much I love my ff hot dogs. They are so yummy and with cottage cheese.....well nothing is better. My totals for today are 20 pts. I am still a ways from my 29pts but I am feeling plenty full...so I think we will leave it at that. The nice thing is....if I get the munchies before bedtime, I still have some room to snack without going over.

It is about time for me to hit the sack. Once again...I am beyond tired and soon my eyes will blurr to the point of not even being able to type. I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday and here is wishing you the sweetest of dreams!

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