Monday, April 25, 2011

So Today I Catch You Up

Well...I fell off the wagon of every day blogging on this blog....I just got so busy from Thursday on,  that I ran out of time to do it all. So today I catch you up.The weekend was my 20% don't worry about what I ate time. I did go a little a rye as far as points go, or at least I think I did, because I didn't write a thing down. I didn't work out Thursday, but Friday I did my circuit training and burned approx. 430 calories  and Saturday I did an hour on the elliptical which was 5 mi. and another 700 calories. Sunday I rested but today I was back at it. I went 2.5 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes, burning a little over 300 calories and then I did another 30 min. of legs on the weights plus some stretches and crunches on the exercise ball....using approx. 130 + calories. It wasn't an extraordinary workout, but I NEEDED the stretching badly and my legs tend to not usually get the workout that my arms do.

I found out that once again I am either clueless or just simply get things wrong most of the time. Last Thursday was NOT my last WW meeting. THIS Thursday is. Therefore I have one more weigh in before this session ends. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will find someone new to run our meetings between now and then. As I have said before.....I NEED my meetings. They are the only thing that stands between me and falling back into old habits. My meetings are my accountability and goodness knows....I have to have accountability!!!!

While working out this morning, I had to laugh. I really wonder what people think of me sometimes? Every once in awhile I get some interesting looks while working out, and I am pretty sure I know why. For one...I breathe like I just sprinted up Mt. Everest. When I work out hard....I breathe really hard and heavy. I think people not so much stare, but keep an eye on me with their finger poised to dial 911....afraid I may keel over and fall off the elliptical at any moment. I am sure me going 200+ strides per minute, panting like a dog and dripping sending up red flags all over the gym. And yet...I survive. I am also sure that I pose a pretty picture because I get into my music when I am working out....especially on the elliptical. music is the only thing that gets me through most workouts. I really get lost in it because often, that is the only thing I can focus on. So occasionally I will catch myself gliding away to AC/DC or Guns and Roses and I will be shaking my money maker for all that it is worth. Since my back is to the room and my rear end is center stage, I should be charging admission for the show those behind me are getting. Actually that I think of one seems to workout behind me....for long! Coincidence??? I really don't think so!

I also get into my music when I am doing my track laps. I caught myself doing a wicked Tootsie Roll while lapping the other day. Those poor old folks walking the track with me....had absolutely no idea what to think. I have got to watch myself or they are gonna ban me from the track! And it can only get worse now that I have new music on my phone. I can see Meatloaf and I doing some serious moves......and none of it particularly attractive. Perhaps I should just apologize in advance to anyone who works out at the DRC and happens to have to walk or work out behind me. Sometimes I just can't help myself!

While I did not eat my points strictly over the weekend, I can see tremendous change in my eating habits. I ate some candy, but instead of a bag.....I ate pieces. I chose healthy snacks such as WW string cheese and grapes rather than a hunk of pie, and knowing we were having bbq burgers and hot dogs for Easter dinner...I took along my own "thin buns" which is 1 pt. instead of a regular bun which is anywhere from 3-4 pts. I also brought my own Special K "chips" instead of eating sides such as baked beans and potato salad.

I think the biggest change I have seen in myself is my diet pop consumption. Midnight Saturday....Lent was over and I was free to drink diet pop again. I was so ready that I even had a diet root beer sitting by my bed ready for the clock to strike. Midnight came and went and I slept through it. When I woke up at 2:30 a.m. dying of thirst....I reached over the pop and went straight for the water which was also at my bedside. It was not until lunch Easter that I finally had a diet Mt. Dew.....and wasn't all that great. I am sure that diet pop will creep back into my diet from time to time, but water and I have gotten pretty close.....I don't even drink much tea anymore. I think water and I maybe a more permanent thing than what I first thought. But just that I guzzle water by the gallon, it won't be long and the FDA will be warning us of the hazards of drinking water. At that point....I think I will just give up! was my usual salad for lunch. That and my yogurt and a iced sugar cookie made by my bosses mother all came to a total of 13 points. Was the cookie a wise way to spend those points? If you are looking at it from a "how many  points will I have left for supper" point of view....possibly not. If are looking at it from a taste perspective..........ABSOLUTELY it was a good way to spend those points because it was d*e*l*i*c*i*o*u*s!!!!!!! And even though Miss Becca brought in boocous of those delicious melt in your mouth morsels....I only took one. Look at me being all good and not eating more than one. Who would have thunk it?! I made it out of work before I had a second cookie. Yay me! Unfortunately I was ambushed by jelly beans when I walked in my front door. Boo me! The will power is apparently questionable today. This is not good! The beans were small and gourmet. For 17 beans, they have a points value of 4. Well....not horrible. Supper was then a Lean Cuisine Spaghetti (7) and ff cottage cheese (2) and a WW ice cream bar (3). Tonight's total.....(16). The points for the day are gone as I have used up the entire 29 pts.

While I did what I did (cookie and jelly beans), I did stay within my points BUT...looking at the daily totals, I wasted 9 pts on junk that was neither healthy nor did it fill me up. In fact, the cookie just made me hungry for more sugar....which in turn caused the jelly bean feast as I walked in the door. I would much rather have used those 9 pts on something more filling or maybe not even used them at all. Sigh! At least I recognize it and if I become ravenous before bed time there is always fruit or cucumbers....both having zero calories. Lesson well learned. No mid-week sugar again!

So I am tired and think I will make an early evening of this drury day. Tomorrow will be a busy one and I am sure I will feel the need to work out twice as hard. Until tomorrows blog....may you have wonderful night!

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