Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Days Later...................

So I did an hour on the elliptical again this morning. It resulted in 5 miles and 730+ calories burned. I truly thought I might keel over and die this morning. If it hadn't been for the words "don't quit unless you puke, faint or die," I don't think I would have made it. I did though and I am proud of it.

I think I have hit on something interesting that I have surmised for awhile...but didn't want to admit. I think diet pop may be what is behind my headaches. This morning for the second day in a row, I woke up with a headache. Both days prior, I had had a diet pop. Now granted we are in the midst of allergy season and that could play a part, but thinking back, I have had only one maybe two headaches during the last 6 weeks. Now I have had two in a row both.... after possibly drinking diet pop. I am thinking maybe I should just leave the stuff alone. I haven't had any since last night and I don't intend to have any tonight. It should be interesting to see how my head feels in the morning.

I have also started with a side pain. I have had this side pain for a couple of years and had it checked out a while back. The dr. felt that it was muscle related and after awhile it quit hurting. In the last few days has come back full force. I am wondering if it is connected to the crunches I have been doing? I did crunches both Friday and yesterday and today....I am really uncomfortable. Ibuprofen helped some....but as it is wearing off...the pain is coming back and making me somewhat irritable. I went ahead and made a drs. appt because I am not about to let anything slow my workouts down. However...I may give the crunches a rest and see if the side pain takes care of itself before my appt. I am thinking a nice muscle relaxant might work...but I believe I used all of mine up with my last go around. Drat!

Well...I didn't get the above posted yesterday. The reason being.....I was in major pain. I went home....took a handful of ibuprofen and laid down with the heating pad. I didn't move the rest of the evening. I am not sure what all I ate yesterday...but I am fairly sure that I stayed within my points.

This morning I woke up feeling much better and in much less pain, which leads me to believe that this is indeed muscular. The heat helped a lot and thank goodness that it is still cool enough outside that the heat from the pad didn't give me extreme hot flashes. As the day has worn on ....the pain has sort of come back, but nothing like yesterday and heating pad and I have yet another date tonight.

I did workout this morning. Because of it being late start....I only worked out half an hour, but I tried to make it count. I did the workout on the elliptical (apparently my new best friend) and did 2.5 miles burning about 330 calories. I was so glad I made it through without pain. Yay me!

Believe it or not....another day has gone by.This whole side thing has really been a pain (both realistically and figuratively). Did I use those words correctly? Awww at this point....who cares?! After another night of heating pad and ibuprofen, I am starting to feel better. I did make it to the gym today. Between elliptical, stationary bike and treadmill, I went for a total of one hour, 6.7 miles and burned 529 calories. I would not let myself stop. I am mad at me!!!

I was really down this morning. I know that today is my last WW weigh in for awhile. I wanted to weigh at home and compare my scale with the WW one just to make sure I stayed on track until  a) we find a new WW leader or  b) I find a new meeting. Now granted....sugar has drifted back into my diet a bit and I did do the whole Easter thing, Red Lobster things, jelly beans thing and crackers thing.....but still....I thought I had done pretty good on my points this week(quit's not funny! It's called denial!). Anyway....when I stepped on the was very ugly and told me that I had gained my 4 lbs from last week back. How hateful is that????? I really was disappointed. It took me a moment to regain myself because I felt an immediate nose dive in both attitude and determination. Darn...I thought I was over that. NOT!

I guess progress is being made because as each negative thought came to the surface, my immediate response was to come up with a positive or at the very least cut the negative off at the knees. Here is a little peak into the scary workings of my mind:
Negativity: I am not going to work out!
New Me: Yes you are and you are going to workout twice as hard!
Neg.: I am not  going to go weigh in today. I just don't even want to know.
NM: Yes you are. You need that last meeting! Now quit whining!
Neg.: Lets just have pizza for lunch. Why do I even care at this point?
At this point I turned around and smacked my forehead on the wall....which kind of felt like a cosmic b!tch slap and immediately I shoved the negative thoughts right out of my head.

Truthfully, I probably gained for several reasons. One was the sugar intake. I think sugar leaves a very negative foot print on my body. Also...although I "think" I stayed within my points this week, I was not as good at documenting and by not writing it down....things (and by things I mean points) can slip through the cracks and add up. Finally...the old..... make a fatty feel better response....muscle weighs more than fat and after all....I am working out and gaining muscle. However....I seriously doubt that I have gained 4 pounds of muscle in one week.

The upside to all of this clothes especially pants are much looser. In fact most of my pants are almost too big at this point. That is a pretty good sign that if nothing else, with all the working out....I am losing inches.'s gain is not the end of the world, it was just a bit disappointing. It is also not as if I stayed on track every day during the week and had no loss. The bottom line is....I went off track a bit and the scales showed it. So rather than fall into the negatives, I simply have to get back on track. I still have a goal I want to reach by the end of May, and I will not give up until I reach that goal.

Well there has been no food today and maybe the WW scales will weigh me less which will only help my ego a little as I know what my scales weighed me at last week and I will still know what they weighed me at this morning. Sigh! I will however take ego boosts where ever I can get them.

It took me three days...but I finally got this blog posting out. Hopefully my next one won't take so long. Here is hoping that your afternoon is sunny and bright. Till next time....have a great day!

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  1. You will lose weight! I have faith in you!! Motivation is what you need! lol And so do I!!