Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

Yesterday went well. Not especially productive...but I behaved myself and did all that I was suppose to. The hard part was not actually the day time. The hard part came about 11:30 p.m. last night when I had fallen asleep and then woke up STARVING!!!! In my half sleep stupor I headed toward the stairs to go find me some peanut butter....after all I read somewhere that eating peanut butter and crackers or bread before you go to bed helps you to sleep better. I was all for that. At the last minute though...I veered off and instead of heading downstairs...I went to the bathroom. Once out....I was awake enough to think the situation through a bit. Then I remembered that I had also read somewhere that sometimes (especially at night) when we think we are hungry....we are actually thirsty. I liked this thought better as I was really too tired to go all the way downstairs and maneuver around the kitchen, so I drank the water by my bed. It must have done the trick...because I don't remember another think until my alarm went off this morning. Crisis averted!

After getting up today....I got the important things done....the blog and the workout. There were other things on my plate too...the normal Tuesday things, but they did not leave me in a good mood, so I think I will simply skip over them. Maybe they will be a blog all their own one day. However....they did not get me down nor did they side track me. At least not so far....after I process them fully it might be a different story!

The workout was really awesome! Painful....but awesome. Today I made it to one hour and 15 min. It was divided into 45 min. on the elliptical where I went 3.5 miles and burned right at 450 calories. Next I did weights for 10 min. targeting the legs (the machines were jammed so I didn't work the legs as long as I wanted to) and I burned about 100 calories there. Then I moved on to kickboxing. Again this was a 10 min. workout and I burned right at 100 calories. Between all these workouts I walked and managed to get in 10 min. of walk time which equaled about 50 calories burned. Total calories were 700 calories. It was a good workout and I felt really great after completing it....although several times on the elliptical I thought about throwing in the towel....but I didn't! Jillian Michaels face kept appearing to me saying Don't stop unless you puke, faint or die! I thought perhaps dying was a possibility at the 30 min. mark. I did not let myself stop though.

It is funny when I workout. When I walk I actually do have time to think and even pray at times. It is kind of my alone time with my thoughts. But when I do something high energy like the elliptical (yes the elliptical)....I get that baby up to 200+ strides per minute throughout my workout, or kick boxing.....my mind shuts down. I have to focus on one thing and one thing only. It is usually a phrase....like Jillian Michaels quote above....or a certain number. Sometimes I focus on a calorie number that I want to burn or a distance I want to go and then on days like today I was focusing on both calories and time. I find that when I workout hard....I simply can't mutlti-task. I can't plan my day or worry about the kids. I can't think of work or think about what is undone at home. All I can think about is hitting my goal and pushing myself to get there. It maybe the only pure....unhampered by thought portion of my day.

After today's workout...when I was walking the track to cool down....I was then able to think. I realized that to many, my workout may not be that exciting, but to me it was wonderful. I made a goal...I hit that goal and I felt better for doing it. I was showing myself that I REALLY did care about me. After all....if I can't care about me....then how can I ever expect anyone else to? I want to be the best me I can be for my kids, for my self esteem and most of all for my health. I can do things now that I could not have even dreamed of doing a year ago. This time last year.....that 45 min. on the elliptical with strides of up to 200+ would have killed me. Literally Jillian would had to have let me off the hook....because I would have fallen over dead. And to have paired that with another 30 min. of exercise......well...it just never would have happened. Now I can do it....and I know that if I continue to push....I can do even more. It is really exciting to me!!!!

Once at work.....I still had the happy endorphins flowing from my workout and they apparently canceled out any negativity. The only thing I can see that I might have done wrong today (and as wrong doing goes....it isn't much) is that I did not manage to eat anything until around 12:30 p.m. today. I stopped before I came into work and got my usual Tuesday Dillon's salad bar salad. By the time I took my first bite....I realized just how hungry I was. The salad was as follows: lettuce greens (0), cucumbers (0), tomatoes (0), 1 Tbsp. dried cranberries (1), cucumbers in Italian dressing (2), watermelon (0), grapes (0), strawberries (0), 1/4 c. cottage cheese (2), 3 Tbsp. Otts fat free dressing (3), 3 Tbsp. croutons (3). All totaled I used 11 points. Being that I sit at my desk and eat and work while eating....it takes me awhile to consume this baby....so needless to say  when I am done....I am stuffed. I still have 18 points left to eat today and I also have drank 60 ounces of water so far and let us not forget......my beloved tea.

After the brushing of the teeth....I have been good to go this afternoon. Other than writing about it....nary a food thought has gone through my mind. I am in a good place today. Not quite as good as a week ago Sunday...but I seem to be getting there. Because of my indiscretions of last week, I am rather glad there will be no weigh in this week. I want nothing to even possibly discourage me from my goals and my current mind set. I am hoping that when I step on the scales next week...that it is a true reflection of both my attitude and my drive to reach my goals. Surely....for just a week and a half I can behave myself. If not.....well we just won't go there. Will continue later................

I appear to be in tuna mode. Tonight was another tuna night....same as last night. It was yummy, filling and I a still within my points. Bread (4), tuna (5), onion (0), miracle whip light (1), Special K Chips (3) Sweet pickles (3) and tea (0) . Well 16 more points down. Only 2 left for today. May have to forgo my ice cream treat tonight and stay with fruit. Sigh....and I so look forward to my ice cream. Oh well!

Had my final morsel of food for the night. Yes folks...it was an orange (0) so I still have a bank of 2 points...which means absolutely nothing since you can't bank points in WW. Hopefully there will be no late night cravings tonight...but just in case, I have my handy 40oz glass of water by my bed. That should get me through til morning.

It felt like a good day today and now that I found out I didn't mess up a cheesecake order....I feel pretty peaceful. Thank God for a wonderful day and thank you all for hanging in there with me for another blog post with much too much information about....ME!

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