Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Tired to Blog! Too Tired to Eat!

What a day!!!! This day has just zoomed by. I guess it is only fitting that I end my day the same way I started it.....blogging! I am truly exhausted and had this huge long blog planned out....but it will likely have to wait until a later date when my eyes are willing to work with me and stay open.

I am not sure exactly what was with me today. I had trouble functioning all day. It was just one of those days where everything I did....I did wrong. My brain apparently was not in the mood to engage or work with me at all. It didn't matter whether I was on the phone, with a customer or at the grocery store. I managed to look like an idiot on several occasions....not to mention sounding on the phone like it was my first day with the new tongue. Five o'clock could not arrive soon enough!

Inability to function wasn't too bad. Part of my functioning issue is likely the fact that I keep waking up at 4:45 a.m. on the dot every morning. I am awake long before my alarm goes off and then I can't go back to sleep. Thankfully....the sleep between 11 p.m. and 4:45 a.m. is glorious and I really don't feel overly tired....that is until now.  Perhaps my body is just telling me that I am getting to the age where I don't require as much sleep. Next thing you know I will be eating supper at 4 p.m. and wondering where I put my teeth. Sheesh! I am almost sure I require more than 5 hours of sleep a night. This is all likely to catch up with me when I least expect it.

Even though I was up early....I still managed to make myself run behind this morning. Of course Wed. are late start, so by the time the bus gets here for David.....I have a pretty limited window of time before I have to be to work. Invariably....even though we have an extra hour on Wed., I end up throwing myself off track and running late. This morning was no different. I did however manage to get a bit of a workout in. It was admittedly.....another wimpy one (20 min. to be exact) and I only burned a little over 200 calories in going 1.5 mi. on the elliptical. I really didn't feel too bad about my lack of exercisial (new you like it?) devotion this morning. After all the last two days I have really hit it hard and plan to do the same the next two days. I think today my body just needed a bit of a break. The only thing I wasn't pleased with was my defeatist mindset right off the bat. I was ready to quit before I got started and I was doing mental bargaining and maneuvering trying to avoid anything more than a minimal workout. I had to fight the negativity the whole 20 min. and I am sure that had I actually had more time.....I would likely have punished myself by pushing too hard. So I guess the 20 min. was what I needed today....I just needed a better mental attitude to go along with it.

Again there was no time....or I didn't make time to eat anything before about 12:30 p.m. By then....I was once again starved. I treated myself yet again today with a Dillons salad. It was not planned....but I ran out of time this morning. Since my workout wasn't spectacular.....I kind of dialed back the salad goodies a bit. Today was: salad greens (0), tomato, cucumber and onion all (0), grapes, watermelon, strawberries (0), cottage cheese (2), cukes in Italian dressing (1), 1 Tbsp croutons (1) and 2 Tbsp. Otts fat free dressing. Dessert was a WW yogurt (2). Total: 6 pts. That left me with 23 points for the rest of the day.

Going home tonight I knew I had cheesecakes to make and still needed some stuff. I was starting to feel really tired and decided to do something I try really hard not to do. I stopped for fast food. I went to Taco Bell and got the boys taco's and got myself a Fresco taco (4) and a Fresco been burrito (8). The total was 12 pts. still leaving me with 11 pts. I also licked a spatula during cheesecake making, (what??? I have to make sure it is good) which we will call 3 pts. That still leaves me with 8 pts. left over. Normally I would go for the ice cream....but believe it or not....tonight I am simply too tired to even eat. That is okay though....a few points leftover is not a bad thing...especially in light of the less than stellar effort I put in on the elliptical today.

The rest of the evening was spent finishing cheesecakes and having a wonderful conversation with Z about life, David and God. I think we both learned a lot there. It really was nice just talking with him. We got so involved....I forgot my blog and we both forgot American Idol. Now THAT is some conversation!

Normally tomorrow is weigh in day and I would usually starve myself until weigh in time, but since we are meetingless tomorrow....I think I will enjoy my lunch. Maybe too I will have a little more time to blog. At any rate....other than my little mental tantrum I threw this morning during my workout, I think I did pretty good today. So far I am three for three. Do you think there will be a four? Stay tuned to find out. Same bat time! Same bat channel! Nighty night!

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