Friday, September 16, 2011

So We Meet Again

So we meet again! It's only been four months and really I have only fluctuated about 3-5 pounds since last we talked. Yeah...I know, good but not good enough. My scales taunt me every morning. I try to cover them with dirty clothes, shoes....a chair, but still I see it peering at me with it's shiny steel exterior an the guilt kind of slaps me in the face. Well...obviously not that much guilt I have snuck several Hot Rod burgers into my diet over the summer, but let us not dwell on the past. Sigh. 

My workout routine has dwindled down to only lifting David (which is no small task) and walking to and from my car. I can feel the difference and know that going back in....I am going to be starting from zero again. That's okay long as I am starting. I did obtain a punching bag..... which I feel I need for many reasons and I plan to start using that regularly. I do have the good old gym pass, but I am back to trying to find time to use it. Guess I have to do that stinkin' priority thing again. Bleh!

I will say that now as opposed to even in May, I am a lot happier with myself. I have finally come to terms with how I look to myself and how I look to the world and I think I am starting to see the difference between the two. I also have come to the understanding that there are two kinds of people out there. One is the kind that sees only the exterior and they make the decision on who you are from that vantage point and then two....the kind who see you for all the things you are inside and out and the exterior is pretty irrelevant. I like the second kind the best, but we all know that life is nothing if not dealing with both. This has become particularly important recently as I have made steps to get back into the dating game. I am hiding nothing and make no apologies for anything. I am who I am and that is how I am approaching each situation. It actually seems to be working for me too! Perhaps it is true. With age does come wisdom.

Some of the healthy life style changes that I worked so hard on pre-summer have continued: lots of water, salads. more chicken and fish, and some of the less healthy changes have also edged their way back in. I drink too much diet soda, don't work out at all and of course....the Hot Rod Burger. I also let a little alcohol into the diet this summer which depending on which article you either a good thing or a bad thing, but I am pretty sure Old Settlers was a bad thing. A really bad thing. Thank goodness that only comes around once a year.

So I have dusted this blog off and I am back. Now you will get to hear even more lamenting, whining and yes....bitching and hopefully you will hear some good stuff too. And I am giving you full permission to give me any "friendly" advice you deem necessary to keep me on track.....cause people, it is going to take a village to make this girl hot again. Hell....I'd settle for luke warm. Now go away while I finish my pizza. Happy Friday everyone!