Monday, February 27, 2012

Showing a Little Love

Boy...this blog has sure been unloved this month. Of course...all my blogs have been. Life has just been too busy to blog! I could I say such a thing? It is true though.

Amazingly....instead of thrusting me into a head long depression like I thought it might....being laid off has been exceptionally good for me. I am actually very happy and very productive. In is rare that I sit down in a day. You would think with all the moving I do...that the weight would be falling off of me. Much to my dismay, this is not the case. In the last two weeks I have gained a pound. Had I been sitting around at a desk all day...I am sure it would have been more like 4 lbs, but I am still not happy that I haven't been taking care of business where my weight is concerned. The fact is...I have been so busy that I haven't taken time to eat right, write down my points or work out. Two weeks into this whole being at home and baking cheesecakes thing though...and I think I am starting to master time management.

This morning after stepping on the scales and being filled with mixed emotions of sadness because I gained for a second week and completely being thrilled that I hadn't gained more....I immediately put myself in a mental time out and then got myself back on track. I am writing down everything (it me) and I went to the gym. Once again my mind tried to make me overdue with the whole working out thing, but after another mental time out....I worked out sensibly. I can't afford to do anything stupid like injure myself at this stage of the game.

Time is speeding by and I foresee this year not passing in days or even weeks....but more like huge chunks. We are already at March's door step and then I won't be conscious of time again until David's surgery. Time will then catapult me into summer, then Old Settlers, then my class reunion.....then that birthday with the unbelievably huge number....and then Christmas. In just a few chunks I will be staring 2013 squarely in the eye. That being said....I will be staring at it in a different body and I am bound that the next half century (as depressing as that sounds) is going to be fantastic. has been shown and now it is time to get back to the speed that has become my life. Hopefully by this time next week...the workouts will have kicked in and there will be some "happy" numbers to report. One can only hope!

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