Saturday, October 26, 2013


Day 2
Jeans! We all wear them and if you think about it....they are a crucial part to most of our wardrobes and even our lives. I myself have been around from bell bottoms to skinny's and everything in between. There have been tight jeans, loose jeans, high waisted and low waisted. Some have worn them uber tight while others have chosen to let them fall way below their Mason/Dixon Line. Whatever your choice though.....pants and mainly jeans.....are an essential part of our lives.  I realized this as I was running through the house half crazed looking for my favorite pair this morning. At my age.....and size.....a good fitting, favorite pair are in short commodity.

When I was young.....I chose my jeans based on fashion and looks rather than comfort. If this meant smashing my organs to the point of not functioning properly and never being able to go to the bathroom for fear I would not be able to get them zipped back up on my own.......well then so be it. As long as I looked good, that was all that mattered. And you wonder why girls started going to the bathroom in pairs. Duh....we needed help zipping our jeans. As I got older though, I chose my jeans for comfort. When you are a mom, doing mom stuff and having to reach, bend and twist yourself into a thousand different contortions need comfort. Now a days though.....I choose my jeans for fit! Looks are about 20% of why I choose a jean, comfort is about 30% and fit is the other 50%.

If I have a pair that fit and I can breath in them, I will wear them daily! This means they end up being washed about 5x more than any other article of clothing I have. This also means that in a pinch....I will yank them from the dirty clothes pile and wear them dirty if need be. Yeah....that is how important they are to me. This also means that they wear out about 5x faster than any other article of clothing I have which means that at least twice a year I am breaking in new jeans.

The fact is that when you get older and gain weight.....clothes do not fit like they did when you were
a size 5. Everything drifts south and out.... and your clothes no longer serve as something to accentuate the positives. Instead they must lift, separate, smash and hide all the negatives. Yes....I expect a lot of my clothes. That is why when I find those jeans that fit just right......they are like water in the desert and I hold on to them for dear life.

So with all the different kinds of comfort pants available.....why jeans? There was the sweat pant craze where literally everyone wore them wherever they went. They even made designer sweat pants for the socialite on the go. Truth is....I never got into that. I did have sweat pants and I wore them around the house on occasions but NEVER out. I just couldn't. Then there were the nylon sweat suites. Again quite fashionable if you liked that sort of thing. I didn't. I never even owned one. Then came sleep pants. I must say that I love with my whole heart and soul my sleep pants. That being said....I actually sleep in them and maybe lounge around the house in them, but I don't shop, run around or socialize in them. Now we also have yoga pants. They are great......for YOGA and they look amazing on about .25% of the population. The rest of us just might as well realize that cellulite, lumps, bumps and any other skin imperfections show right through yoga pants and in my doesn't matter how comfortable you are....ain't nobody wants to see all that! So that is why jeans!

It is my hope that someday I will own a pair of jeans again solely for fashion.....however I will never again allow fashion to trump comfort. That ship has sailed. I would just be happy with a pair of jeans that make my butt look high, my 5'1" legs look long and no muffin top. Is that really too much to ask from my pants? Yeah.....don't answer that!

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  1. I say that the best thing about jeans now a days is the spandex that they add to them now. That little bit of give makes them oh so much more comfortable!!!