Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Much Ado About Everything

I know you are dying for an update. If not....then please....just feign interest. This week has actually been a fairly decent week. I have gotten to the gym a few times, have a workout program going, am eating better and have really cut down on the diet pop. I have also found a new favorite food and had some irregular moles removed (not that food and moles go together....but that was my train of thought.)

Becca (my workout buddy and co-worker) and I are hitting the gym at least four times per week and on a good week....maybe even five (if I make it in on Saturday). Again....many thanks to my oh so generous boss for allowing this. I have made up a workout routine based largely in part on the old routine that my ex-trainer Shelly made for me. We have two days where we do cardio and weights together, one day (2 if I come in on Sat.) of cardio only, and one day of circuit training. We also throw a little track walking in for good measure. I have to say that my favorite part of the workouts are my time on the elliptical trainer. I put in my headphones, crank up the music....and away I go. Before I know time is up and I feel great!

Although weight training has never been my favorite part of any workout...I have learned to appreciate the benefits. It actually helps you burn calories faster and longer by speeding up your metabolism. Also....a cardio workout alone can't give you the muscle and definition that the added weights can. And I am not talking about looking like this.(Lady to the side who obviously overdid it a bit.) I am talking about nice definition in your arms where you don't flap in the breeze on windy days and aren't afraid to get air born when you wear a sundress. Basically I am talking about shape...not mass.

Apparently while at the gym I do a lot of vacationing in Lisaland because in my minds eye....when I work out....I look like this (to the left). Not bad for someone who is ummm....errrr....ummm 28ish. Notice the tone and definition without looking overdone. I am looking fine!.....(in Lisaland).

I believe in the real word though....I look more like this (little chubby varmint to the right). Notice the short stubby arms, no legs and round fluffy body. Not much definition going on here. Yep....that's about right. Boy I joined Weight Watchers not a minute too soon!

Speaking of food...we were weren't we? Darn those voices in my head!!! At any rate....I have found a new favorite food. They are Honeycrisp Apples. I think they are a little more expensive than your run of the mill apple...but if you have just one splurge at the grocery store...these should be it. They are nice and crisp when you bite into them, but the flavor is sweet. They could cure even the toughest sweet tooth....and I should know! With WW now deeming most all fruits and veggies zero points.....these babies were quite the find and a wonderful addition to my daily food routine.

As I have said....the diet pop has really been limited. I still have a little more to finish up but I am doing it in major moderation and once it is gone....I really plan to be done (at least for a while). I have pretty much replaced the pop with iced tea and water, and the working out has caused my body to crave water more. I find myself going for the water before anything else. I can tell too that with the added water, my skin does not feel as dry. BONUS benefit

And of course....let us not leave out the mole excursion. I had several removed from my body Monday. Not sure if they actually looked like this one....but figured this like all the rest warranted a photo. One required stitches (and looked NOTHING like this photo) and I might add....they do not feel good when sweat gets into them, but I am vigilant and refuse to woos out over a little stinging sweat when it comes to my workout!

So tomorrow is the big day. I get to jump on one of those (to the left) and see if all of these changes are starting to make a difference. I am not saying that I have been perfect all week, but I have been so much better it is amazing. Bottom line though....I am no longer tired mid afternoon....I can already tell I am sleeping better, and I am starting to feel as if I have more energy.

I am not delusional and I don't live in Lisaland....I just vacation I know that results will not be immediate and I didn't put this weight on I won't take it off overnight. Hopefully though, the little perks such as feeling better and sleeping better will keep me motivated. If I slip though....I always have Becca...and I am pretty sure she can kick my little hamster looking butt!

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  1. I will kick your butt if you get unmotivated! And you need to do the same for me!